Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Riddhima Speaks To Ragini’s Dad

The Daily episode begins with Angre missing to watch Riddhima hiding within the table. He takes the diary. A picture falls down. Riddhima imagines whose photo is it. Riddhima tries to take (2) it. Angre steps on her hand. She doesn’t scream.

He picks the pic. He maintains the diary back. She imagines is this Ragini’s pic. He tears the pic & burns it. He puts it within the bin. He goes. Riddhima gets the burnt pic from that bin. She tries to join the photo pieces.

She sees Ragini. She recalls the statue. She sees some of the number written on the photo’s backside. She goes & calls someone. She imagines to locate regarding the number. Someone answers.

She recalls Vansh’s words & imagines is this his own schedule. She trashes the pic & states no, I don’t have to think negative, maybe its not a trap & I m close to his own secret, I’ll have to take (2) risk, I’ve to locate out. She calls again & states I m calling from VR mansion, my name is…

The person states shut up, you citizens died my daughter, I’ll not leave you, I’ll gain justice for Ragini, I’ll send everybody to jail for her killing. She gets stunned & requests are you Ragini’s dad.

Vansh looks for her. She states I m on your side, I’ll gain justice for her, I really know unfair happened with her. The person cries. She requests him to block crying. Vansh doesn’t watch her. Vansh goes to the different landline.

The person states I m prepared to give you Ragini’s info to you. She states fine, I’ll call you tomorrow in the morning. She imagines someone picked the phone from 2nd line. She maintains the phone. She goes & sees Vansh.

He requests did you finish the talk. She requests what. She imagines has been he there on parallel line, did he hear me. He requests her to wipe off the sweat. He imparts a kerchief. She gratitude him. She states I went to take (2) Ramayana, I wasn’t getting sleep & wanted to read something great. He requests could I watch it.

She states sure. He checks & states Ramayana, you’d have heard regarding Laxman Rekha. He pours water about her. He states whenever its crossed, destruction happens, take (2) this caveat as Laxman rekha, when some of the citizens forget it in foolishness, afterwards the unexpected happens.

destruction, don’t cross the limits, else your error could awaken the Raavan in me, don’t tell me that I didn’t accomplish a spouse’s work & didn’t clarify you. He imparts the Ramayana to her. Her mangalsutra breaks & falls. He holds it in his own hand. He makes her wear it. He threatens her.

Riddhima goes to Mrs. D’souza & states I identified regarding Ragini’s dad, I spoke to him. Mrs. D’souza states I inquired you to not gain into this. Riddhima states I accomplish care for citizens’s feelings, I’ve a right to really know regarding Vansh, a dad has a right to really know regarding his own daughter, it’ll be dangerous, I’ll accomplish anything to locate regarding Ragini. Mrs. D’souza threatens her.

Riddhima states someone passed away & we could’t be silent by our fear, I’ll locate out for the sake of Ragini & her dad, I need to really know, going to you support me in case required. Mrs. D’souza states you’re risking your personal life for remaining, I’ll accomplish anything for you. Riddhima gratitude her. Mrs. D’souza states Vansh shouldn’t really know regarding it. Riddhima requests could I trust you.

Mrs. D’souza states you gave me respect, I won’t break your trust. Riddhima gratitude her.

Mrs. D’souza goes to Vansh. Vansh recalls requesting Mrs. D’souza to locate out Riddhima’s schedule of action, gain Riddhima’s trust that she shares her secret. Vansh states I offended you ahead of everybody so that Riddhima believes that you hate me. Vansh requests what’s Riddhima doing & why, does she have any agenda, is she the hidden enemy of this home.

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