Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 28th September 2023 Written Update: Kabir Scares Ridhima

Today’s daily episode begins with Vansh requesting Riddhima in case she’s fine. He maintains her hand on her forehead to see. Riddhima states she’s fine & takes far away Vansh’s hand.

Meantime, Dadi requests Singhani’s to gain prepared as less time is left for wedding rounds. Riddhima runs to her room.

Vansh stands confused thinking about Riddhima.

Ahead, Vansh tries to fix his own brooch. Riddhima offers him her support. Vansh imparts brooch to her. He requests her to step back.

Riddhima gets confused. Vansh drags the table for Riddhima to approach his own chest. Riddhima stands on the stool to support Vansh.

Vansh states he never required anybody’s support as he has been dependent on Angre. However today Angre himself is groom today.

Riddhima inquired afterwards why he’s allowing her today. Vansh states he’s left with no different option. Riddhima concentrates on fixing Vansh’s brooch.

Vansh imagines he even doubted on his own shawdow however why his own heart wants to trust Riddhima. Within the meanwhile, Riddhima’s finger got (1) pricked with the pin. Vansh instantly sucks the blood of her finger.

Riddhima recalls her moments with Vansh & gets confused over her emotions. She imagines she’s here with a mission to send Vansh behind the bars afterwards why he heartache over the imagined to punish him. She states why her heart & mind are in 2 thoughts. Vansh glares in Riddhima.

Different side, Kabir brings a gift. He states this is last trying on Riddhima’s blossoming emotions for Vansh.

He states Vansh could love her however he won’t permit Riddhima to fall for him & fail his own mission. Aryan comes & interrogates regarding the huge gift.

Kabir states he took this for him only & shows him big teddy. Aryan gratitude him seeing the teddy.

Kabir furthermore requests Aryan to go using the corridor as some of the light work (5) is pending in the field floor.

He imagines he wants Riddhima to watch the teddy to recall her past. Aryan brings the teddy to Vansh. Vansh sees the teddy & interrogates Aryan regarding it. Aryan states he’s scheduled a surprise for Ishani.

Here, Riddhima steps back seeing the teddy. Kabir smirks thinking he won’t let Riddhima forget her 1st love so easily.

Riddhima excuses herself. Vansh imagines why Riddhima is behaving weird from in the morning. He imagines what happened to her.

Riddhima gets scared. She recalls her moments with Kabir & teddy & imagines what’s happening to her.

Within the flashback, Riddhima hugs teddy & Kabir. She states teddy matters to her a lot.
Return to reality, Riddhima imagines what’s happening with her & imagines to figure out.
Different side, Aryan praises Ishani’s beauty. He somehow manages to send Anupriya out from that room. Aryan & Ishani debate their own schedule.
There, Vansh recalls regarding Riddhima’s odd behaviour. Daadi sees him & enquires him. Vansh shares with Daadi that Riddhima is behaving odd from today.
He shares from in the morning she’s restless. Daadi makes him know Riddhima might be tensed recalling her past before her marriage. She requests Vansh to give Riddhima time
Meantime, RIddhima stops Aryan. Aryan gets scared. Riddhima sees the teddy & recalls her moment with Kabir & gets scared. Riddhima fails to watch Ishani however sees teddy blinking eye.
She questions the teddy. Ishani worries thinking in case Riddhima saw her.

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