Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 2 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (2-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Ishq Me Marjawan 2, 2nd December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Dadi thinking of Vansh’s words.

She falls nearby bed. Vihaan comes & takes care of her. He gets her medicines from cupboard & makes her have a pill.

She states its great you remember regarding the medicine box. Someone looks on. Vansh states you didn’t take care of yourself.

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She states I’d lost faith on God, when you had come back, I understood I has been unfair to query God’s power. He states please, for my sake, take care. She states nothing went okay after you went, in case Ridhima taken a call, what unfair did she accomplish.

Assure me that you’ll fix everything & repatriate my old entire family to me. He requests did I reject to you, I assure I’ll fix everything, that’s why I’ve come. He wipes her tears. She smiles. She states I wish Siya gets okay, we’ll go & meet her.

He states take rest, I’ll meet Siya, she’ll be okay shortly. He goes. Ishani states this is your real place, you all the time deserved this, Vansh respected & loved you. She scolds Ridhima.

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She states you’ll gain the divorce papers tomorrow, sign the divorce papers & leave from here. She locks the door & states Ridhima is quite clever, locking is imp. Ridhima shouts Vihaan, you proved that 1 shouldn’t trust strangers, Kabir & Vihaan are inside the home.

I m here, I’ve to accomplish something. Vihaan states Siya, you’ve to gain okay, you’ve to tell me who did this, I really know that human is from this home. Kabir looks in him. Vihaan holds Siya’s hand & states you’re my fighter.

1 who could gain up from a wheelchair could win this fight also, your brother is awaiting, you’ve to defeat this illness for my sake. He watch some of the shadow & states you just await & see, I’ll accomplish anything to make you okay.

He turns. Kabir goes. Vihaan smiles. Angre states he isn’t Vansh. Ishani requests are you mad. Angre states I’ve spent extra time with him, you don’t really know numerous things, Vansh desired to punish his own mum’s murderers, he has been trying it from 3 yrs.

She requests what. He states sorry, Ragini understood the killer, Vansh kept her in a safe home, the killer died her also, the 1 who died your mom did all this. She shouts Angre, why didn’t you tell me when we got Vansh’s demise information.

Vansh desired to punish my mom’s killer, the killer is on loose, you couldn’t accomplish anything, I could’t tolerate that my mom’s killer is free. He states you got angry, why didn’t Vansh gain angry, he’s got that human house, who’s linked with everything.

She states you’re right, in case he isn’t Vansh, afterwards who’s he. Kabir breaks things. He states he isn’t real Vansh, he’s a duplicate, he almost saw me, Ridhima got a sharp player, we’ve to be in our finest game. Anupriya recalls Dadi’s words.

She states maybe you’re drunk Kabir, tell me, just how does Vansh really know little things. He states obviously Ridhima trained him, we accomplish this with undercover agents, I did this with Ridhima.

She states accepted, why did he make Ridhima out, we’re inside the home today. He states maybe its a part of their own schedule, in case he has been real Vansh, would he let his own enemy stay in his own home.

She requests what did Vansh tell you, maybe he’s scheduling something big, none knows what he imagines, he desires to attack on his own enemy, I m worried for you. He states its your fear in your heart that’s informing this.

No 1 could gain saved from falling down the cliff, this is just a duplicate. She states I could’t be unfair, he’s Vansh. He states okay in case you don’t need to believe it, however I m informing it, he isn’t Vansh, I really know it, its a deceive.

Angre states my heart states the person who’s behind this did Siya & Vansh’s crash, Kabir is sitting inside the home, I think I must have took that person ahead of everybody. Ishani requests why are we awaiting.

Angre states I really know just how to test him, await, please cool down. Kabir states I m detecting that bag that I got there. He recalls getting the amount bag. He states Ridhima sold her jewelry & got this amount, I’ll end your cleverness.

FB ends. He states I imagined Ridhima has been trying to escape, afterwards so-called Vansh’s entry happened, maybe its her schedule B with her old uncle, maybe that person wasn’t old. He opens the bag. He states maybe we gain some of the evidence in this.

He shows the notes. He states as of now accomplish you know, this isn’t Vansh, he’s a duplicate. Anupriya states its our turn to end this game, utilize your power, utilize the proof over Vansh, end his own game, be it Vansh (or) any duplicate.

What happened, real (or) fraud, once he goes behind jail, we don’t care, go & detain him. He states we could’t accomplish this, Ridhima made a proper schedule, mom…. She requests what. He informs everything.

She states what, you burnt the proofs, just how could you accomplish this, we did a lot to gain it in yrs., you’re such an idiot. He states sufficient, I didn’t dream that our game going to turn this way, we’ll lose, I imagined Vansh is passed so its okay in case she burns proofs.

Don’t act like you never made any error, you & the entire family are doing the same error. He goes. She states time going to show who’s an idiot & who’s the clever 1. Vihaan sees Vansh’s room & leaps on the bed.

He states this is named proper room. He takes a glass of juice. He takes Ridhima’s pic & states quite a few things weren’t in our contract, issue is something else, you don’t really know whom you got house.

It’s in the morning, Ridhima imagines why did Vihaan accomplish this. She states why doesn’t he answer calls. A servant comes to give meal. Ridhima states block….. Ridhima comes house, wearing that lady/ servant’s saree.

Aryan requests just how did you take so much time to deliver meal in the outhouse, say something, you really know I need to have the juice at the right time, leave it as of now, I’d the juice, go & clean my room. Vihaan comes.

She deletes the mask. Vihaan sees her. He states block, clean my room 1st, any issue, Aryan. Aryan states no issue. He goes. Ridhima comes to room. She takes a tray & beats Vihaan. He requests why are you beating me, I saved your schedule.

She requests who’re you to make me out of my home. He states Vansh Rai Singhania. She states block acting. He states you made me Vansh, you stated he’d a fire in him, in case Vansh had forgiven his own spouse like this, anybody would question, am I right.

She states we ruled that I’ll apologize & you’ll forgive me, you informed regarding divorce, just how going to we fix this, I couldn’t sleep in that room. He states await, you want a back massage, its bonus, no charge. She states block the nonsense. He angrily holds her & states you’ve hired me & made payment me, however you could’t pay for my self respect, you’ve not purchased me.

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First episode date: 13 July 2023

Production location: Mumbai, India

Number of episodes: 63

Directed by: Yash A Patnaik

Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Me Marjawan 2 Cast:

  • Rrahul Sudhir
  • Helly Shah
  • Vishal Vashishtha

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