Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Ridhima finds a secret door that may lead to Ragini’s secret

The daily daily episode starts with Ridhima doing aarti with the whole VR family (4), except Vansh. Also Mehar, Rani & Heer accomplish aarti in their own own respective houses. Ridhima recalls Anupriya trying to stop Vansh from going where he usually goes in these days. Ridhima thinks that she will gain to actually really know Vansh’s true face with his own own blessing & friends’ prayers.

Ridhima finishes aarti & hands it over to Ishani standing behind. Lights turn off. Angre goes to watch. Ridhima thinks that it’s Bappa’s sign & sneaks far far away to go to watch in the place where Vansh has gone with a candle…

The candle falls down & she notices the reflect of light on floor. She wonders from where it’s coming & checks regarding understanding that the wall isn’t a wall although a secret door. She tries to locate the way to open although just afterwards lights turn on.

Ishani comes there & appeals her in complaint she can actually really know the reason behind her standing here.

Ridhima replies that lights turned off so she imagined that meter board is there. Ishani states that the meter board is as of now in storeroom & Angre has already fixed it. She states that there were numerous things in the house that she doesn’t actually really know & it’s finest for her not to try to gain to actually really know it because she’s nothing to accomplish it. She warns her with the reporting “curiousity kills the cat”. Ishani sees Vansh.

Ridhima looks in him & wonders just how he suddenly surfaced from wall. Ishani imparts prasad to Vansh who glares ar Ridhima. Vansh leaves, succeeded by Ishani. Ridhima imagines that she’s to locate the key of the secret door. She gratitude Bappa for demonstrating her the way to approach the secret.

Thereafter, Ridhima goes to the backyard & apologizes to Ragini’s statue because her dad passed away due to her. She cries informing that she knows she failed everybody however she won’t repeat any such error.

She assures to accomplish justice for her. She’s sure that she’ll locate the key of secret door there only. Someone steps there. She hears footsteps & is regarding to conceal however hit a box with her foot & is regarding to fall when Aryan holds her hand. Aryan states that his own eyes don’t gain eliminated from her, not even throughout aarti.

He knows she got (1) to really know regarding the door & informs Ridhima that she won’t locate key there. She requests where she’ll locate it afterwards. Aryan takes a step ahead however Ridhima stops him informing that she doesn’t want his own support & knows this is just the other of his own cheap trick. Aryan requests her to forget past & ensures that the key is now in Vansh’s pocket.

Ridhima requests just how she could trust him. Aryan replies that he has been willing to support her with great ambition however she broke his own heart. He tries to influence her that he just wants fact to come out however leaves call to trust him on her. Ridhima moves far away.

Aryan praises himself & recalls Vansh slapping him & assuring to make Ridhima wound him. He states that Ridhima going to locate the key as of now & afterwards fact going to come out.

Ridhima goes to the room. Vansh is sleeping on bed. She kneels nearby bed & trries getting the key from his own pocket however he takes a turn. She stops & afterwards tries to gain key again. Suddenly Vansh grabs her hand. Title track plays.

Ridhima gets Vansh’s wallet from his own pocket & with an hand, from the different is now in Vansh’s grip, she takes out the key & puts it in her mouth putting the wallet back in Vansh’s pocket. Just afterwards, Vansh opens his own eyes & looks in her. He requests why she isn’t sleeping yet. Ridhima begins coughing. Vansh imparts turns to give water & she takes out key from mouth.

She drinks water & informs Vansh that she had come to call him for pooja & he conducted her hand in sleep. Vansh wonders why he’s feeling like behind this innocent thing there is a not so innocent lie. He states he doesn’t appeal so she must know that he needs to be left alone in next 5 days.

Ridhima states that he took Ganpati within the home however doesn’t believe in God so requests whether the alter is for Ragini. Vansh scolds him requesting to accomplish Ganpati pooja & not inquire queries. He leaves. Ridhima imagines that Vansh looks differently today so maybe this is the day in that he died Ragini.

She wishes Kabir can really know regarding today’s victory of hers so he’d have felt proud of her. She’s sure to hand him evidence over Vansh tonight.

In night, Ridhima sneaks towards secret door thinking that it’s the right time from Vansh’s car isn’t there that means that he’s gone somewhere awhile all remaining are sleeping.

She prays to Bappa to stay with her & not let her fail as of now that she’s so close to the secret as usual. She arrives within the secret place using door & looks about with torch wondering what can be there from she sees nothing.

She notices some of the stairs & goes downstairs using them. She slips & shouts. She immediately covers her mouth & gratitude God because Vansh isn’t house. She isn’t aware that Vansh has repatriated & is in search of her. He even tries calling her however in vain.

Ridhima slips & holds a dupatta that drops upon her when she falls. She deletes it & looks on seeing the other statue, covered with red dupatta. She deletes the dupatta & notices that it isn’t Ragini’s statue. She wonders who it’s.
Daily episode ends

Precap: Vansh talks to the statue & states that whatever happened has been right as whoever betrays him ends up like this. Ridhima dresses up as the lady within the statue thinking that Vansh himself going to tell her all this secrets.

Vansh is playing piano when he sees Ridhima dressed in white saree like that lady however doesn’t circular her face. He follows her & requests her to come ahead of him shouting.

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