Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Ridhima sends signals to Kabir

The daily episode begins with Riddhima coming from washroom. Vansh is out. She recalls kabir telling her to utilize torch light to give him signal in any urgency status. She on off the torch light 3 times.

Riddhima hides a knife within the pillow & awaits for Kabir signals. Vansh is sleeping. She sees lights flash from windows & openes it. She locates Kabir. The latter states he knows that she’s under danger & he comes to safeguard her. Riddhima states this home holds plenty of secret & everybody has double face except dadi & sia. Kabir requests her to not worry.

Vansh comes from behind & shots Kabir. Riddhima wakes up from sleep shouting Vansh. She locates Vansh sitting on sofa. He gratitude her to give him place in her dreams.

Each love post starts from a dream. he does begin to beat in her dil. Dadi states early in the morning dreams become true so remember whatever you safeguard.

Ishani’s boyfriend, Sunny proposes Ishani for marriage ahead of all family (4) members. Vansh requests her sister she become mad. He states she could’t take (2) decide like sbout a lifelong relationship. Sunny sees Riddhimi coming down the stairs & turn his own see.

Vansh states she hardly knows this person. she cant marry him. Vansh threatens Sunny. Ishaani defends her boyfriend.

She queries Vansh just how much he knows Riddhima that he wedded her. We all are respected your call & tolerating her in this home. Afterwards why no 1 supports in her call.

Sering no 1 responding she states she’ll leave the home & marry him. Anupriya stops her. She states to Vansh that we already met the person within the cruise.

Ishaani loves him & what the issue is. Dadi states everybody has the right to choose his own personal life partner. Ishaani too. Vansh requests to accomplish whatever they need & leaves.

Ishaani’s engagement going to happen the in the evening. Ishaani states that her engagement must be a remarkable event. Riddhima congratulates Sunny & leaves awhile he looks the way she went.

Riddhima is wearing a black gown. She comes near the windows and wonders why there is no response from Kabir for her signals. Vansh says he knows where you are looking at sweethear. He asks if she is looking for someone. He doesn’t come from window but from door. Riddhima says she is looking at full moon.

She thinks that moon reduces the fear of darkness. Vansh says how romantic. She tries to close her gowns zip which is stuck. Vansh comes from behind and holds her hand on zip says some work we can’t do alone, we need someone’s help. He puts her hair aside and tries to close it. He kneels down and uses his teeth to remove the stuck zip and closes it. He sees a shadow near his room door and goes to see. Riddhima wonders it’s not Kabir.

Vansh finds Sunny outside and asks him what he is doing there. Sunny makes excuse that he was going towards Ishani’s room. Vansh grabs his collar and threatens him saying that over-smartness won’t work with him. He adds that one mistake will break the alliance with his sister and more things. Sunny assures that no mistake will happen next. Vansh leaves.

Sunny sees Ridhima and asks her how she handles Vansh. He forwards hand towards her and wishes her good luck. Ridhima shakes hands with him. Ishani calls Sunny and he leaves. He has left a chit for Ridhima in her hands. She reads it and it’s written that he has been sent by the one whom she sent signal last night. Ridhima thinks Sunny has been sent by Kabir.

Later, Dadi asks Vansh not to talk about business today since it’s her sister’s engagement today. Vansh agrees because he cannot say no to her. Ishani comes followed by Ridhima who is holding her veil. Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her. Dadi says that she is looking very pretty. Vansh says yes. Dadi giggles and says that she was talking about Ishani. Vansh says he too.

Ridhima accidentally pulls the veil she is holding. Ishani bashes her. Ridhima apologizes. Ishani leaves for a while. Ridhima looks around and asks Sunny who sent him. He replies that he has been sent by the one whom she asked help to. Ridhima thinks that Sunny can help her to unravel Ragini’s secret.
Episode ends

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