Ishq Subhan Allah 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Subhan Allah 1 January 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (1-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode Ishq Subhan Allah 1st January 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kabir sits in his own car. Zara sits with him as he drives far away. Shahbaz grabs Ruksaar & states you lied to me, you informed me that Kabir has all evidences however afterwards just how did Kabir gain that file? Ruksaar cries & states I don’t really know just how he got it, I didn’t give it to him.

Irfan informs Salma that I saw our Zara in my dream, she inquired me to be happy. I felt that she’s uneasy, she didn’t look calm. Kabir comes there & sees Irfan informing that she wasn’t in peace.

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Kabir states she’s in pain. Salma states what? Kabir states my personal life has stopped, I has been unfair regarding Zara’s demise, it wasn’t an crash, she has been died.

All are stunned. Salma states what are you informing? who died her? Who? Tell me. Kabir cries & states, my dad. Irfan is stunned & states what?

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Kabir states my dad has died my Zara. Salma grabs him & states why did he murder her? What did my daughter accomplish to him?

Shahbaz died her however her mom is alive, I won’t spare him. Kabir stops her & shows her the gun. She’s stunned. Salma states Kabir…

Kabir states you could’t go from here. He points the gun in her. Irfan tries to take the gun from him however it fires & Salma screams.

Shahbaz informs Ruksaar, Zeenat & Kashan that he died Zara however I’m not here to listen to anything, tell me who’s with me?

Ruksaar states Kabir is my spouse however I’m still with you. Kashan imagines that I’ve to be with him. He smiles & states I’m with your dad. Zeenat states I’m with you to Shahbaz.

Zara sees that Kabir has shot the wall & not Salma. Kabir takes the gun & points gun in Salma. Irfan states nothing must happen to Salma, tell me what you need?

Kabir states you’ve to take avenge from Shahbaz, my dad died your daughter so you’ll murder his own son. He shot Zara for me so you’ll shoot me for Zara.

I could’t accomplish suicide, it’s not permitted in our religion so you’ve to murder me. Think regarding your pain, pain of losing your daughter so just shoot me. He tries to give him the gun.

Zara states Kabir you could’t accomplish this, he doesn’t have the right to take your personal life. Irfan states Zara is right, he hugs him & states you’ve to curb yourself.

God has taught us to forgive so who am I to murder you? You could’t be a coward, he hugs him & states we’ve to gain justice for our daughter, we’ve to gain Shahbaz punished. Salma leaves from there.

Salma looks in Zara’s photo & cries. All knock in her door. She comes out. Kabir hugs her & states I’m sorry. Salma pushes him far away & states block this drama.

You did all this so we could forgive your dad however it won’t happen, Shahbaz going to gain punished for his own deeds.

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First episode date: 14 March 2018
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Directed by: Vikram Ghai, Vidyadhar Mohite, Rohit Raj Goyal
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Ishq Subhan Allah

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