Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Ruksaar is taken to the room where a doctor checks her. Kabir states I lost my mom due to her, I’ll call the police now however Irfan stops him & states we’ve to safeguard the innocent baby 1st, you want to cool down. Salma informs Zara that we’re saving a killer in this status.

Zara states we’re going to apply all this teachings, we’ve humanity left in us, we’ve to be right & safeguard her & afterwards the law could take action.

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The doctor checks Ruksaar & informs Kabir that we’ve to accomplish pre-mature delivery to safeguard Ruksaar’s baby. Kabir states accomplish anything you could to safeguard that baby.

The doctor states we want blood & it’s AB- crowd. Zara states I could give the blood to her. Kabir states however she’s a killer. Zara states however she’s a person & I’m saving her personal life.

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A nurse informs the doctor that we want blood immediately however Zara’s levels her low. Zara states I’m prepared to give the blood to safeguard a live.

Ruksaar’s daughter is born. Zara hugs Kabir & smiles. Zeenat holds the baby. Salma informs Zara that we’re proud of you.

Kabir hugs Zara & states I love you a lot, I’ll keep you on my eyelashes. Zara states no I’m okay on the floor only, you didn’t accomplish exercise today.

Kabir states you didn’t accomplish it so I suspended also. Zeenat comes there & states ACP is here to detain Ruksaar, this baby was in this globe for a week only & Ruksaar has named the orphanage to take this baby far away, she’s not answering anybody, don’t send this baby to an orphanage. Zara cries & informs Kabir to inquire Ruksaar to give this baby to him, I’ll rise this baby however don’t let this baby be punished for her deeds, please forgive her, please.

Kabir imagines that she forgave my dad who attempted to murder her so just how could I punish this baby when she didn’t even accomplish any sin. Kabir takes the baby & states your love won Zara, I’ll give my name to this baby.

Ruksaar comes there & states you attempted a lot to bring me on the right path however I didn’t listen, I’m going to pay for my deeds as of now & the largest punishment is to stay far from my baby.

You really know why I didn’t give my baby to Zeenat? Because somehow I desired Zara to rise her, to make her like Zara only. I appeal you to not make this baby like mine, make her like you & Zara so citizens could be proud of her.

You’re granting your name to a baby whose mom died your mom, stay happy, you’re the nicest human, I’m going to pay for my deeds & I’m going to leave my small love to my love only. Ruksaar cries & informs Zeenat to forgive her. Zeenat hugs her & cries. The police take her far away awhile Kabir & Zara hugs the baby.

Zara imparts the ice-cream to Shahbaz & he’s able to hold it. Amaan comes there & states I got an admission in a big boarding educational institution. Kabir is happy to hear that. Zeenat states it’s all due to Zara.

I wish Kashan has been here. Zara states we could try, your happiness is empty without him, we’ll try to make him listen & make him return to you.

Kabir calls everybody & states meet my & Zara’s daughter Ayesha. All are happy to hear that.

Zeenat gets a call & is stunned.

Kabir & Zara are infatuated with their own baby. Kabir states I’ll take her to the educational institution daily. Zeenat comes there & states Kashan is coming back & it’s all due to Zara. Zara states it all happened due to my & Kabir’s love.

Kabir & Zara argue over where Ayesha going to go for schooling. Zara states she’ll go to my educational institution. Kabir states she’ll go to a madarasa. They smile in her. Zara states we’ll respect every different’s thoughts.

We’ll give her teachings & let her choose her path. Kabir states we’ll not fight ahead of Ayesha. Zara states she’ll watch our love only. We’ll spread love only. They hug as a entire family.

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Ishq Subhan Allah

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