Ishq Subhan Allah 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Subhan Allah 8 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (8-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode Ishq Subhan Allah 8th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Sartaj Informs Zara That You Ruined My Brothers’ Lives. I Going to Destroy Your Personal life As of now. Zara Is Regarding To Call Kabir However He Throws Her Phone Out Of The Car.

Kabir States To Himself That I Didn’t Talk To Zara Today. He Comes To Shahbaz’s Room & Doesn’t Locate Her There.

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Ruksaar & Zeenat Are Celebrating. Kabir Comes There & Requests Where Is Zara? My Phone Is Off Too. He Calls Her From Zeenat’s Phone However Her Phone Is Off Too.

Zeenat States She Seemed Worried Previously. Kabir Imagines In case She Went Her House? Kabir Calls Irfan & Requests In case Zara Is There? Irfan States Zara Is In Your Home? Where Is She? Kabir States Don’t Worry, She Should Be On Her Way. Irfan States You Let Her Go In Night?

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Salma Takes The Call & Requests Where Is Our Zara? Kabir States I Won’t Let Anything Happen To Zara, Don’t Worry.

Irfan Comes To Kabir & States You Assured To Protect Zara Afterwards Why Did You Let Her Go? I Has been Worried Regarding Zara Over This Ruksaar Afterwards Why Are You Protecting Her & Letting Her Stay Here?

The Servant Comes There & States Zara Named Me & Stated That Irfan Had An Crash. She Stated That She Got A Call & Her Dad Is In The {Hospital}, She Left Hurriedly.

Salma States In case This Ruksaar Is Behind All This.. Zeenat States Sufficient, My Sister Has been In Pain Last Night. Kabir States Sufficient, He Imagines Who Should Have Named Zara?

Ruksaar Comes To Shahbaz & States You Really know All My Enemies Are Going To Pass away, We Going to Watch Just how He Leaves You Here To Go & Safeguard Zara.

She Makes Him Drink Water & Begin Leaving His own Room. She Sees Kabir & Remaining Coming To His own Room So She Hides & Leaves. Kabir Comes To Shahbaz & Sees Him Panicking.

He Shouts In His own Servant That Why Did You Leave Him Alone? Irfan Informs Kabir That In case You Have been Not With Ruksaar The Whole Night Afterwards This Wouldn’t Have Happened & Zara Is Still Missing.

Kabir States I Going to Locate Her & Won’t Let Anything Happen To Her. He Makes Shahbaz Sit In The Wheelchair & Informs Irfan That Until I Locate Zara, You Have To Take Shahbaz To Your Home.

Irfan Nods. Kabir Informs Zeenat That Tell Ruksaar In case She Is Behind This Afterwards You Both Won’t Stay In This Home Anymore. I Won’t Let Anything Happen To Zara.

Scene 2
The Guard Informs Kabir That Zara Has been Worried When She Has been Leaving. They Watch The CCTV Of Zara Speaking To The Servant & Leaving The Home. A Cab Taken Her & Went Far away.

Kabir Requests Him To Note The Car Number & Search. They Watch That The Car Number Plate Is Fraud. Kabir States It Means Someone Lied To Zara To Make Her Sit In The Car & Take Her Far away. However Who Would Have Finished It?

Sartaj Points The Gun In Zara. Zara States Don’t Show Me The Gun By Thinking That I Going to Gain Scared, God Going to Protect Me & Kabir’s Love Going to Secure Me. You Would Have Died Me Before In case You Desired To, I Am Not Moving From This Car.

Sartaj Laughs & States In case You Don’t Gain Out Of The Car Afterwards I Going to Murder Kabir. Zara Imagines That I Could’t Put Kabir’s Personal life In Danger & I Have To Gain Off The Car To Leave From Here.

She Comes Out Of The Car. Sartaj States There Are No Regulations Here So We Going to Gain Wedded Easily Here. Zara States You Need To Me Fear You? He States No, We Wll Gain Wedded & Go To Singapore Forever.

Kabir Comes To The Police Station. Irfan Comes There & States Shahbaz Is With Salma. Kabir Gets A Call & Comes Out Of The Police Station.

A Person Is Speaking On The Call That Some of the Goons Broke Everything In The Shop & Stated That Their own Boss Is Going To Marry The Lady He Abducted. Kabir Hears It & Requests Him To Give Information.

Sartaj Informs Zara That Kabir Is Not Coming To Safeguard You. You Gave Pain To My Brothers However As of now I Going to Give You That Pain. Zara Begins To Run, He Fires Behind Her. Zara Grabs Him & States What Happened With Your Brothers Going to Happen With You.

You Could Never Come In Between Me & Kabir. He Grabs Her. Zara States When Kabir Comes There Afterwards He Won’t Let You Misbehave With Me. Sartaj Pulls Her Closer.

Kabir Sees The CCTV Footage Of The Shop Where Some of the Goons Had come & Stole Some of the Wedding Clothes. Kabir Notes The Car Number & Imran Locates The Home Number Of The Car Boss.

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