Israel to impose full nationwide lockdown

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Coronavirus Cabinet has ruled to enforce a complete countrywide lock-down beginning next week within the wake of a spike in COVID-19-19 morbidity, a joint announcement stated.

The announcement released on Thu. night by this PM’s Workplace & Health Ministry stated the begin date of the closure going to be ruled by this govt on Sun., Xinhua press agency recorded.

1st phase in a three-stage schedule

It’ll be the 1st phase in a three-stage schedule aimed to lower the morbidity statistics.

The closure is supposed to contain the upcoming period of Jewish holidays, between the Jewish New Yr.’s Eve on Sep 18 & Oct 10.

As per the announcement, the 2nd & 3rd phases going to take (2) impact only after the morbidity rate decreases.

The closure going to contain a 500-metre gap limit from homes, & the closure of educational institutions, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, culture & entertainment places, & shops, except for supermarkets & pharmacies.

Workplaces going to be closed

Also, numerous workplaces going to be closed, (or) going to operate partially with work (5) from house as much as possible.

The 2nd stage going to contain a ban on travelling between cities, along with restrictions on gatherings, awhile the education system & most companies going to remain closed.

Within the 3rd phase, the “traffic light” schedule going to take (2) impact again, as every city & town going to be classified as red, orange, yellow (or) green as per morbidity levels, & separate constraints going to be enforced accordingly.

The amount of COVID-19-19 instances in Israel surged to 145,526, with 4,429 new infections recorded on Thu., the largest single-day spike from the outburst started in Feb, breaking the recent report of 3,590 instances lodged on Tue..


The daily fatalities from that COVID-19 also set a new report with 23 new demises, that rised the total toll to 1,077.

The amount of recoveries approached 109,942, with 1,588 new recoveries, awhile active instances presently stand in 34,505.