Joe Biden says nearly two thirds of Americans have died from COVID-19

There he goes again, Democratic nominee Joe Biden made yet the other gaffe Sun. awhile talking regarding the amount of demises resulting from COVID-19.

Talking in a campaign event in the Domestic Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, Pa., the 77-year-old previous vice president has been weaponizing the infection gifted upon the globe by China to attack President Donald Trump when he said that 200 mln citizens have passed away.

“In case Donald Trump has his own way,” the candidate stated, “the complications from COVID-19, that are well beyond what they must be — it’s estimated that 200 mln citizens have passed away probably by this time I finish this talk.”

The Trump campaign wasted no time capitalizing on Biden’s latest blunder, spreading a video clip on-line:

Biden’s claim would mean nearly 2 out of each 3 citizens have passed away, given that the U.S. public is 328 mln.

The number of deaths is closing in on 200,000 COVID-19 demises, that is likely what Biden meant to say, however he’s clearly has problem with numbers, as witnessed back in Jun, when he said 120 mln Americans had passed away due to COVID-19. In Feb, throughout a primary discussion, Biden said 150 mln Americans were died with guns.

In a campaign protest Sat. night in NC, Trump joked with attendees that due to Biden’s mental capability, he may sign an executive order banning his own opponent from being president.

“You could’t have this person as your president,” Trump stated. “You could’t have — maybe I’ll sign an executive order, you can’t have him as your president.”

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