Judge temporarily blocks Trump admin’s TikTok ban

Washington(WA), September 28 : A US federal judge has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s administration’s ban on the Chinese short video-making application, TikTok just hours before it has been planned to go into impact, as per media records.

On Sun., Judge Carl Nichols of the US Dist. Court for the DC, halted the ban after TikTok’s attorneys argued that Trump’s ban infringes on rights to free speech & due procedure, records The Hill information site.

The ban would’ve obliged the removal of TikTok from smartphone application stores & end app-updates, meaning no new consumers can download it & would eventually becomes non-functional.

In response to the verdict, TikTok on Mon. stated it has been satisfied with the call, & vowed to keep defensing its rights, the BBC recorded.

“We’re glad that the court accepted with our legal arguments & released an injunction preventing the implementation of the TikTok application ban,” the announcement stated.

Previously this mo, the Commerce Dept. had declared that TikTok downloads would be banned from Sep 20, & furthermore constraints would go into impact Nov 12, records CNN.

Following the development (devt), the Dept. stated late Sun. that it’d comply with the injunction, however adding that its order has been “fully consistent with the law & fosters legitimate domestic security interests”.

It added further that the US govt intends to “vigorously defend” its order.

Sun.’s order had come a week after a judge had temporarily halted Trump’s executive order to ban WeChat, a Chinese messaging, social-media & mobile-payment application.

This ban has been to go into impact on Sep 20.

On Aug 6, Trump had released the executive order banning US transactions via WeChat.

To fight for the legal rights of all WeChat consumers within the nation, USWUA, an NGO, sued the administration for the ban.

The lawsuit opened in court on Sep 17.