Karthika Deepam 23rd October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Karthika Deepam 23 October 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-10-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Karthika Deepam 23rd October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Shravya sees Deepa & Sourya coming downstairs with luggage.

She calls her spouse & Mother-in-law & she requests why she’s leaving. Deepa states she could’t. Shravya requests Soundarya to block Deepa.

Deepa states don’t involve Mother-in-law, she’s already in turmoil. Aditya states these problems going to happen everytime & requests her to stay with them.

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Deepa states I’ve strength to rise my daughter & I could’t stay here. Shravya in tears tries to block Deepa however Deepa states I could’t stay here without my spouse help & permission even although you all help me & presently.

I didn’t identified any difference between me & cook that’s why leaving & she takes Soundarya blessings. Soundarya states I don’t really know what to bless you & you’re our Mahalaxmi still could’t requests you to stay here.

Aditya requests his own Mom to block Deepa. Soundarya states I’m lady 1st & Deepa is not getting the respect in this place so I could’t block her because your brother is trying to break his own ties.

Deepa in tears states don’t cry Aditya, Shravya, where ever I stay I pray for your happiness. Soundarya requests Aditya to drop Deepa. Aditya states I’m not seeing like Lakshman so I could’t leave my sister in law in jungle.

Soundarya appeal Deepa to cross their own home without tears & states that she’s scared that her tears may curse the future of their own entire family. Deepa agrees & wipes her tears. Karthik approaches to house. Deepa states I’m leaving Doctor babu.

Karthik places his own hand on Sourya & they regarding to leave however Hima stops them. Hima requests where you persons are leaving. Deepa states to my house. Hima states this is your home. Deepa states I came to know this is not my place.

Hima states you’re spouse of Doctor babu & Sourya is his own daughter so you persons should stay here. Deepa in tears states let me leave. Hima sats await, I don’t really know why he rised me even although he have Daughter.

He taken assure from me to never leave from this place than why Sourya have to leave when you persons are 1 entire family? Requests them to stay here Doctor babu. Hima states you suspended me when I’m regarding to leave from this place.

As of now in case you leave from here than I too leave from here to search my parents. Everybody looks stunned. Hima takes Deepa & Sourya to their own rooms. Shravya imparts tea to Aditya.

Suggest to meet Pandit to gain remedies for their own entire family wellbeing. Aditya states it’s happening for goodm Shravya states I could’t watch the Hima pain & she’s feeling like outsider.

Aditya states however we never handle her like outsider & she’ll know our love when she didn’t gain information of her Parents. She states states don’t really know when could we live as happy entire family.

Karthik breaks the glass by error awhile thinking regarding previous incidents. Soundarya states it may wound someone. Karthik states his own heart broke 10years back & it won’t gain set in next 10years too.

You think regarding everybody however won’t you care for your son L’s heart. Soundarya states you just really know just how heart works as cardiologist however you failed to research the heart of your spouse.

Karthik blames Soundarya for contributing Deepa to stay back. Soundarya states you should go for mind & heart check up. Karthik states don’t flee intelligently. Soundarya states I never think yo flee from status. Karthik states Hima is my weaknesses & you’re utilizing Hima for it.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 23rd October 2024 / (23-10-2020)

First episode date: 16 October 2017
Network: Star Maa
Number of episodes: 812 (as of 22 August 2024)
Directed by: Kapuganti Rajendra
Language: Telugu

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Star Maa: 7:30 pm(IST)

Karthika Deepam Cast:

  • Premi Viswanath as Deepa
  • Nirupam Paritala as Dr.Karthik
  • Sangeetha Kamath as Sravya
  • Shoba Shetty as Dr. Monitha
  • Archana Ananth as Soundarya

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