Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj suspects Komolika

The Daily episode begins with Prerna requesting Samidha regarding her parents. Samidha states I’ve my Maasi & lots of friends. Kaushik states Kuki isn’t such a duffer, she knows your name Monish, I just call you Monu, she understood my schedule.

Monu states she’s clever. Kaushik states you’re my brother, take (2) my side, I locate Kuki interesting. Monu requests what happened.

Kaushik states in case anybody ignores me, I could’t bear it, Kuki going to like me as of now. Samidha states don’t gain sad, everybody doesn’t gain everything, I m lucky to meet you, I like you a lot.

Prerna states I also like you a lot, I forgot to inquire what going to you’ve. Samidha states nothing, tell me where is Maasi, I’ll go with her. Prerna requests why could’t you stay here. Samidha states this isn’t my home, I like when you smile, I don’t really know my mum, maybe her smile is also like yours.

Komolika states why isn’t Anurag reading messages. Mr. Bajaj sees her & recalls Prerna’s words. He goes to give her a drink. He states I really know you well. She states even I don’t really know myself, just how could anybody really know me.

He requests what accomplish you expect from this alliance. Komolika states dowry doesn’t excite me, I m thrilled that Ronit is marrying in Bajaj family (4), there could’t be a bigger gift than this.

She imagines I won’t tell you the fact shortly, you wanted to really know my intentions, let engagement happen once, afterwards we’ll decide the deal. He imagines you’ll not talk & make someone talk on your behalf.

He states in case the human doesn’t need profit, it means he wants everything. She states I’ve created the kitchen politics myself, its a joke. He also jokes. He imagines she doesn’t need me to gain any clue. Shivani requests where is Kaushik.

Monu states its complicated, don’t inquire, those who fight a lot gain together. Shivani smiles. Ronit states she habituated to fight a lot with me. She states I don’t need to remember that.

Monu gets Kaushik’s call & goes. Shivani states I need to remember the present. Ronit requests what regarding the past. Shivani states you habituated to hate me, I’d sent you to the jail, our sisters are enemies, shall I remember this. Monu states Kuki is not sweet, she’s a man-eater. Kaushik states I m not about her.

Monu meets him & states Kuki hates you, from you’re the most handsome person within the college.

Kaushik states her thinking going to alter today. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna & states you sound best as of now, where are you. She states just behind you. She comes to him. She states I could’t crack your codes. He states I meant that you’re feeling best after gathering that lady, great. She states I could’t express what I felt.

He states some of the feelings are such, what matters is your happiness, you have been with Samidha, I has been speaking to Komolika, Kuki informed me regarding the drama she created, she didn’t let me really know anything.

She states you couldn’t locate out her schedule. He states none could underestimate me, I m clever sufficient to locate out Komolika’s schedule. Komolika states we’ve to be together to defeat Prerna, I did a drama to spoil the function, going to you support me.

Mohini states Moloy rised hand on me due to Prerna, Anurag got (1) over me, your enemy is my enemy. Komolika states you trust me, right. Mohini states this fact going to never break, tell me, what accomplish you need from me.

Komolika states in case you accomplish this afterwards Prerna going to gain a big shock, she could’t safeguard herself from this fire.

Rakhi requests for Diya. Moloy states she wanted to come & afterwards left. Rakhi states you know her well. Moloy states we gain happy when we earn in young days, when we come in this age, we gain happy to watch grandchildren happy. Rakhi states I could’t know Anurag, he’s alone, he didn’t come today.

Moloy states relations don’t form by maintaining rituals, Anurag maintains relations, he stays far from 1 who issue the most. She states you’re informing regarding Prerna, in case Anurag loves her so much, why aren’t they together.

Moloy states maybe he’s residing far away, don’t really know why, however he’s suffering a lot, he’s happy with it, I could’t watch his own suffering. He cries. She consoles him. Shekhar & Suman come & meet Prerna. Shivani gets happy to watch them. She states in case Prerna didn’t agree for this relation, maybe I’d have passed away.

Prerna worries. Veena requests them to come. Prerna signs Mr. Bajaj. Komolika requests pandit regarding mahurat. He states its close, call the person & lady.

Nivedita imagines what happened to mom…. Ronit & Shivani exchange rings. Mohini stops Ronit.