Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj and Komolika’s argument

The Daily episode begins with Ronit creating Shivani wear the ring. Prerna stops Mr. Bajaj. Komolika sees them. He requests what are you doing. Prerna states I m taking you aside to talk. He states you don’t talk, however blame. She states you’re upset with me. He states I m not upset. She requests him to smile. She states watch, you’re upset, actually sorry, please agree.

He requests why are you smiling so much. She states don’t distract, are you upset with me, why did you becomes angry young person, sorry. She holds her ears. He states before I gain mistaken, its best in case you say. She states for what I stated. He states I has been thinking right. She requests did you forgive me, smile a bit.

He smiles & states okay. She states you smiled. He states you’re taking advantage that I m behaving great. She states yes. Nivedita looks on & states Prerna got (1) nothing….

Kuki & Kaushik go to gain drinks. She goes. Komolika looks on. Veena requests Suman to gain sweets boxes. Mohini imagines Komolika is upset, however why. Komolika requests regarding fish dishes. Kajal states we don’t eat fish. Mohini states I’ll clarify Komolika, you go Kajal. Kajal goes. Mohini states we need this marriage to happen, we shouldn’t give them numerous chances to think that Shivani & Ronit shouldn’t marry, we’d created 2 problems, we could take (2) revenge thereafter, calm down, why accomplish you look upset, you could distribute it with me. Komolika recalls Prerna & Bajaj. She states I feel Prerna is winning over us, its irritating me. Mohini requests what. Komolika states Prerna & Mr. Bajaj have been happy together, just how is that possible, they’re spouse & spouse, just how could they be happy. Mohini states its a pretense. Komolika states no, I really know the pretense, Mr. Bajaj is now in love with Prerna, she’s also happy with him, I’ve a issue with this, maybe she’s winning over me, did she gain Mr. Bajaj & Anurag too, else just how can she snatch Basu city project without Anurag’s support. Mohini states Anurag could’t support her, Prerna is not with him, you’re with him. Komolika imagines sorry, I could’t tell you just how I blackmailed Anurag.

Mohini states once Ronit & Shivani gain wedded, afterwards you’ll have everything in your hands, Shivani going to be your puppet, Prerna going to be in pain. Komolika states yes, when they watch Komolika’s real face, their own smile going to vanish, even Anurag could’t block me. They watch Veena & Suman. Samidha requests Priyanka to put red roses. Priyanka requests why accomplish you like red color. Samidha states don’t really know. Mohini states Komolika is prepared to adjust in case fish dishes aren’t kept, she wants love between Ronit & Shivani. Komolika imagines Veena must have passed away & not given birth to Prerna. She moves. Fire gets lit there. Veena imagines don’t really know just how Shivani going to live with them.

Samidha doesn’t watch the fire. Shivani & Ronit have a talk. He sees Prerna & Mr. Bajaj. He goes. Kuki comes to Shivani & states you’d be so happy. Shivani states yes, I didn’t think such a big day going to come in my personal life, our families had much enmity, Ronit & I’d a breakup before, I’d sent Ronit in jail, we’d numerous

misunderstandings, I m super glad that our love won. She goes to Veena. Kuki states oh God, Shivani & Ronit’s love post also had issue, why could’t real stories be like movie stories. Kaushik states your love post going to be like that. They argue.

Ronit greets Mr. Bajaj & Prerna. He requests could I join workplace from tomorrow. Mr. Bajaj states sure. Ronit goes. Mr. Bajaj states I m not worried. Shivani gets sweets. He states I m still careful regarding sweets. Prerna states its exception, you’ve to eat as of now.

He states fine, in case you demand. He sees Komolika & goes. Moloy states Veena, I habituated to tell Rajesh that our families are 1, however I couldn’t accomplish anything for you, forgive me in case possible.

Veena states we could’t alter it, Ronit & Shivani’s relation… in case we accept it, afterwards it’ll be great, Rajesh has been just your firm staff, not a friend, afterwards he left, else you’d haven’t let that happen with Prerna. Samidha gets the scissors. She picks the tomatoes.

Mr. Bajaj goes to Komolika. She states you’re following me, what’s the issue, are you thinking regarding me, be a great host & tell me the fact. He states sorry to gain bitter, I didn’t watch such an insecure lady, you’ve your spouse, you aren’t thinking regarding him, you’re after Prerna, you’ll be happy in case you target on Anurag. She states you need to really know, what citizens think regarding you, farmer & hunter are 2 types of citizens, farmer plants something & hunter just hunts like you, you hunted for Prerna, you got (1) her when she fallen weak, & today she’s Mrs. Prerna Bajaj, interesting.

He states numerous citizens say the same regarding me, I taken over numerous businesses when I got (1) a opportunity, you’re jealous that Prerna is happy with me, let me give you an advice, it’ll be best in case you stay far away.

because she’s come to ruin you, think regarding Basu city project, I’ll help Prerna, I m not maintaining an eye on you, you’re maintaining an eye on Prerna, don’t you think its strange, you could’t tolerate her happiness. She states I think our talk is finished.

we must behave well till the party gets over. She goes. Fire spreads a lot. Kuki & everybody watch the fire. They gain stunned.