KCR decision on registration of Waqf Properties is historic: Farooq Hussain

Hyderabad(Hyd): CM K Chandrashekhar Rao declared that registration of Waqf & endowment land going to be suspended from Sat. onward by involving them in New Revenue Act.

Terming the call of CM KCR to be substantial, member of the Law, Mohammed Farooq Hussain stated the call of CM KCR would be an example of different states.

CM KCR stated according to the segment 22A of the Revenue Act the govt has right to block registration procedure. He disclosed that there is 87,235 acre endowment land out of them 20000 acre is secure. 77538 acre Waqf lands are gazette notified. These lands are attached to 33929 institutions. & 57423 acre Waqf lands are under encroachment. There have been 6938 encroachers. Notices were provided to 6074 & orders to vacate the land were provided to 2186. He revealed that only 10 FIR were lodged in connection with Waqf properties.

He requested to the citizens who occupied waqf lands illegally to give it to waqf board voluntarily otherwise it’ll be snatched from them by this govt of Telangana (TL).

Previously, Telangana (TL) CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao declared that the govt going to rebuild them with a church within the new secretariat complex.

CM KCR, as the CM is widely well-known, stated the govt going to bear the cost of building of all 4 places of worship.

Farooq Hussain furthermore stated that the CM of Telangana (TL) going to be counted in a list, who’s a secular minster.

The TRS govt is fulfilling its assures on by 1. He ensured the security of the waqf properties. Building permission going to also be not granted from municipality & gram Panchayat nor any NOC going to be released.