Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd April 2023 Episode: The Wife’s Challenge

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2nd April 2023 Episode Written Update: The Wife’s Challenge.

Because clatter is heard by them errands runs, and Bani was drunk. Rohit proceeds to pick up her. Bani inquires if Rohit did not need to fulfill his girlfriend and was drunk. If Bani started drinking rohit asks.

Bani informs the message to be checked by Rohit, she should possess texted him. A message was in Ana. She says it was girlfriend, home, and a whisky. She had gone , rohit questions. He states a lot is to talk however Bani is not in a country she needs to go to her space and they’ll talk later on.

Bani says she’s getting married. She informs Poonam that he won’t be left by daddy’s girlfriend. Her union is gone. Dad enjoys painting, music and poetry, he also presents her novels and reads his girlfriend poetry.

Since this home belongs to us, she informs Rohit to leave the home. Because she can not tolerate this behaviour, poonam scolds Bani. Bani laughs that Poonam endure her husband’s affair.

Poonam convinces that daddy has left everybody her Nickie. Nickie starts to shout. Rohit maintains he will not depart and goes to games Nickie. As she drops faint, Bani is held by poonam.

It was late at night. Her notebook opens sends a message. Two messages are watched by poonam out of Ana on the telephone number of Rohit. Rohit comes to the space. If Nickie slept poonam inquires, Rohit states . Poonam states their daughters can not go through such injury, they’re in phase.

She convinces her proposition to be agreed to by Rohit. He could live with Ana, she thing or will not question. Rohit says it’d be a lie when he then returns , goes to a girl. This lie has lived until now, but Poonam understands about it. She might need to bear this weight. He’s been incomplete only.

The two Ananya and Poonam have been residing an unfinished lifestyle, due to his lie. Poonam has given everything to him, she does not deserve this love that is incomplete. She needs to compromise for this half shared love.

He’ll be there for their daughters and her, but not like that; husband and a dad. Poonam cries. Her consoles that she’s his children’s mother, she deserves respect and some grace.

Ananya sends voice notes that are replicated Rohit because he answer his messages, or does not take her calls. She yells that she understood once he moves home, Rohit will be missing. She wo become mad for himhe hurts her. He can not cook Maggie if he reads a poem, and Ghalib would perish.

She puts down the phone. Rohit comes residence. Ana was shocked to see him. Rohit informs her that the battery of the phone is dead, and asks her to place it. Rohit goes to place his bag.

Ananya queries when he’d remain here and was shocked. Rohit says that he does not need to make her uneasy, and can place his items from the cupboard of the room. If he’s really moving, Ananya reveals some enthusiasm and asks. Rohit answers it was a very long day, he wants to take shower.

He gives her to combine in. Ananya eliminates the voice message filled with furor, also places the mobile phone on charge, she’d delivered.

Rohit brings java for Ananya the morning after. As she slept, then sprinkles droplets of sugar a photograph clicks. She stunned, and wakes up terrified. Because she is not utilized to watching someone in her room 15, rohit apologizes.

The sugar is picked by her out of her mouth. Rohit says it is a celebration of the first morning. Sugar is poured by rohit Ana says another for him along with one spoon to get her. Ana asks him if everything is good in your home. Rohit says everything is going to workout.

A while will be taken by bani, Poonam knows not them and he left. Rohit informs them to have a rest. Ana calls Avi she will not come to the office. Avi was worried. Ana informs her that last night was proceeded in by Rohit, he’s here.

Avi places Cherry on telephone, the women celebrate on the telephone. Rohit gets a call, he provides the message and was mad, it’s ridiculous.


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