‘Khuda Haafiz’ Actor, Vidyut Jammwal Talks About His Relationship Status, Says ‘His Close Ones Know’

Bollywood star, Vidyut Jammwal is maintaining his own fingers crossed in front of his own movie, Khuda Haafiz slated to declare on Disney Plus Hotstar today in the evening in 7:30 p.m.

The movie already has powerful backing from that netizens, who had taken the oath of celebrating underrated stars & boycotting nepokids after the untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Awhile the star is riding high on the professional front, his own fans are also quite curious regarding his own relationship status.

In a previous interview, the famous star has finally talked regarding the much-asked query regarding his own relationship status & gave an interesting reply to the same, curiously he purchased Google into his own answer too. Scroll down to take (2) a look in his own quirky answer!

In a candid interview with the Amid-Day, Bollywood star, Vidyut talked regarding his own personal personal life with his own upcoming movie, Khuda Haafiz‘s actress, Shivaleeka Oberoi & director, Faruk Kabir. When the star has been informed that his own fans desperately need to really know what is his own relationship status is.

After granting a small smile, Vidyut stated, “Jo mere najdeek hai unhe toh pata hai. Google ko nahi pata magar. Par Google kareeb nahi hai mere.” Adding to his own announcement, movie’s director, Faruk Kabir stated, “I am sure, enko rozz Twitter aur Instagram pe rishte aate honge.”

&, it has been Shivaleeka, who stopped it by adding, “Khuda Haafiz ki declare ke baad bahut rishte aane wale hai.”

Speaking regarding Vidyut Jammwal’s relationship status, afterwards he was connected with his own long-term friend & actress, Adah Sharma for majority of his own career. Although, the 2 had refused all these records numerous times in their own interviews.

Well, the rumors of these 2 celebrities being in a relationship had initiated doing rounds after the declare of their own movie, Commando 2. There were records of them spending extra time on the sets & also having a nice bond with every different. Both Vidyut & Adah never skipped a opportunity to shower their own praises on every different too.

For instance, in an interview with India(In).com, when Vidyut has been inquired regarding just how brilliant he imagines Adah is, he’d responded confessing that she’s by far the most brilliant actress he’s performed with till now.

He’d stated, “Bandhi mai jitna talent hai na, brilliant logon mai nahi hai. She’s one such most amazing stars I really know off, I’m not informing performed with, she’s amazing.

In my opinion, she’s one such most brilliant stars in India(In), you’ll gain the confirmation after Commando 2. Sometimes you want that 1 film that does it for 2. Commando Two going to accomplish it for her.”

On Apr 23, 2024, Vidyut Jammwal had taken to his own Twitter handle & had retweeted a video footage of Adah Sharma, who can be witnessed speaking regarding nepotism in Bollywood in Ted Talk. Spreading the video footage, the star had written some lines in that he’d advised his own followers to watch her video footage, & it can be read as

“My personal favorite…Articulate & funny…A should see.” After that, a plenty of fans had initiated requesting him regarding his own relationship rumors with Adah Sharma & Vidyut had ruled to answer those queries.

The star had disclosed in his own tweet referring the query, “Just friends?” Not in all ..we’re courageous, kind, intuitive, focused, grateful, open-minded, unassuming, considerate, spreading, Educated, happy, calm, quiet & BEST FRIENDS…I wish upon you someone like us @adah_sharma.”

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