Killer whale who grieved her dead calf for 17 days is a mother again

Tahlequah, well-known to researchers as J35, gave birth to a calf last week, as per a news release from the Whale Research Center.

The 2 orcas have been spotted swimming with their own pod within the eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca, between Washington(WA) state & Vancouver Island, over the weekend, the declare stated.

Tahlequah made headlines in 2018 when she swam regarding 1,000 miles of ocean with the body of her passed calf. The calf passed away some hours after birth, however the mom prevented it from sinking for over 2 weeks.

Both Tahlequah & her new calf, called J57, appear healthy, the Whale Study Centre stated.

“She has been still capable of generating a live calf after an approximate eighteen-month gestation! Hooray!” the declare stated. “Her new calf surfaced healthy & precocious, swimming vigorously alongside its mom in its 2nd day of free-swimming personal life.”

Researchers believe the calf has been born Sep four because its dorsal fin has been upright when it has been spotted, a development (devt) that occurs regarding 2 days after birth because it’s folded over within the womb.

With the birth of J57, the endangered Southern Citizen orca public is as of now 73, as per the Whale Study Centre.

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