KSA to give 75% of top jobs in private sector to its nationals

Riyadh: The Saudi Arabia Shoura Council is seeking to amend a clause of an article of the labour law pertaining to the localization of jobs, Okaz recorded on Fri.

In a bid to Saudize 75 per cent of top managerial positions within the private industry businesses, it’d require the private industry to draw up schedules to train young Saudi Arabia people & ladies & groom them in a specified period to make sure a smooth & systematic replacement in the top level, members of the Shoura Council stated.

The Gen. Commission within the Shoura Council going to refer the record on the issue to the Social Affairs, Family (4) & Teenager Committee for discussions in an upcoming Shoura Council session, The Saudi Arabia Gazette recorded.

The proposal submitted by Shoura members Muhammad Al-Jarbaa, Faisal Al-Fadhil, Ghazi Binzagr & Abdullah Al-Khalidi, stressed the want for the Saudizing the managerial positions by this regional domestic & foreign graduation holders.