Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Abhi And Prachi Get Emotional

The Daily episode begins with Abhi coming to Prachi & states you’ve ruined new blanket & bedsheet, tears fallen down on it. He states anyways it’s a bad joke. He requests her to cry in case the tears make her powerful, else don’t..

He imparts her handkerchief & requests her to wipes her tears. Prachi states whatever happened there. Abhi states when you had come to Delhi(DL), whom you met 1st, me (or) Aaliya.

He states I named you as my daughter & requests her to forget regarding what Aaliya stated. Prachi states media is there downstairs, I couldn’t bear in case they publish any unfair information regarding my Maa.

Abhi informs that Vikram going to handle the media & won’t gain the information posted. Vikram requests Media not to publish the information regarding theft & requests them to go. Journalist requests Vikram to see what else is stolen within the home. Ranbir gets angry on the journalist & beats him.

Journalist goes. Vikram requests Ranbir to ignore him. Pallavi states Prachi shouldn’t have finished this. Ranbir states you’ve turned everything in 1 moment & informs that the lady whom you habituated to trust & love, don’t trust any longer. He requests them to think from their own hearts.

He requests in case their own trust is so weak. Pallavi states amount is stolen. Ranbir states it’s missing. You all have forgotten everything & informs that Prachi has suffered due to me so much. Rhea states Prachi is not within the PS (police station) due to us. Ranbir requests her not to say. Rhea states she’s not informing anything unfair. Pallavi scolds him & states Prachi is accountable for the theft. Aryan comes there.

Abhi requests Prachi to becomes powerful from inside & not to think regarding anybody’s thinking. He states numerous problems going to come in personal life. Prachi states even my mom habituated to say this. Abhi states may be we’re getting the same learning & you may gain the same.

Rhea imagines just how did Prachi gain so much of your love, she could’t becomes your daughter. She states Dad…I’m jealous, you never make me know anything with so much love. Abhi states you never know with love. He offers to drop Prachi.

Rhea states she’ll also come with them & she’ll meet Prachi’s mom.

Ranbir informs Aryan that everybody is blaming Prachi wrongly. Aryan states firm’s amount stealing is unfair. Ranbir is regarding to hit him & states in case someone else would’ve stated this afterwards? Aryan requests him to prove Prachi innocent & informs that even I really know that she’s innocent & not a thief. Ranbir gratitude him & apologizes with a hug. Aryan requests him to prove her innocence in case he wants forgiveness.

Abhi informs Vikram that he’ll give him 10 lakhs from his own account(a/c). Vikram states what are you informing? Aaliya states amount is stolen. I’m your sister. Abhi states she’s my daughter & states like a daughter. He states I’ve an intuition that she didn’t steal amount.

Aaliya states I’ve a judgment that. Abhi states you aren’t a judge. He informs Vikram that Sanju going to transfer the amount. Pallavi states we’re family (4). Abhi states afterwards you wouldn’t named her thief, Prachi is like my family (4) & for family (4) I’ve to repatriate amount.

He states Prachi won’t go to workplace. He states he’s going to drop her. Ranbir states I’ll come with you. Abhi states ok. Aaliya tries to instigate Vikram & his own family (4) over Prachi. Beeji requests Aaliya to block it. Aryan imagines Prachi needs to be proved innocent.

Abhi, Aryan, Rhea come to drop Prachi. Sarita behen opens the door & appreciates them. Rhea states she wants to meet Prachi’s mom. Sarita behen requests them to sit & goes to make tea. Prachi gratitude Abhi for his own trust.

Abhi requests Prachi to learn just how to be happy from Rhea & states she never gets sad, imparts sadness to the globe. Ranbir states yes & laughs. He informs Abhi that he’ll accomplish his own work (5) & come with them. Abhi states ok & imagines he’s creating excuses to be with Rhea, imagines even he’s the same madness to stay with someone (Pragya). Rhea requests what are you thinking? Abhi states I’m thinking in case Sarita behen took phapda…Rhea gets a call & goes.

Abhi requests Prachi to come house & states I’ll say that you’d stolen. He smiles & informs that Rhea is lucky to have such a dad. Abhi states all fathers are same.

Prachi states she doesn’t really know as she don’t have the dad. Rhea talks to Aaliya & requests her to accomplish something else she’ll kick out Prachi. Aaliya states didn’t you hear what Pallavi stated & informs that she’ll prove Prachi as thief afterwards nobody going to trust her. She informs that she’s inquired someone to remove the CCTV footage of Sanju & send her rest footage so that everybody imagines that prachi has hidden the amount.

Aaliya calls Sanju, from unfamiliar number however he doesn’t pick her call. Rhea imagines Papa stated right that she hurts remaining, informs that she’ll wound her badly.

Prachi states she doesn’t have a dad, in case he’d were with her afterwards he’d have imagined that he got (1) a sad daughter. She states she’s not like Rhea, who’s fun loving. She requests him to laugh in case she states joke. Abhi laughs & states that her Papa is unlucky not to be with you & informs that he’d were proud seeing you.

He states he wishes to have the other daughter like Prachi. He states in case you has been my daughter afterwards I’d have tell the globe proudly that she’s my daughter. Rhea hears him & gets quite angry. She cries maintaining her mouth on the pillow. Prachi states I didn’t really know what to say. Abhi states I’ll watch Sarita behen, she’d gone to make tea. Prachi smiles.

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