Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2024 Today’s Written Episode Check Latest Spoilers

In today’s daily episode, Abhi & Prachi come & stated that the new blankets & the bedsheet are spoil due to tears drop on the bed.

They stated it’s a bad joke.

He stated to her in case you need to sob & feel relax so you could cry afterwards he imparts the handkerchief & inquire to clean her tears.

Abhi stated that when you’re in Delhi(DL) whom you met with the for the first time, it has been me (or) Alia.

Prachi stated Media is standing outdoor the house in case they publish the unfair information regarding my mom so I’ll not tolerate it.

Abhi informs that Vikaram going to take (2) care of the media, afterwards the Vikaram stated to print the information regarding the theft.

The journalists inquire him what all things were stolen.

Ranveer gets angry & beats him.

Pallavi states Prachi doesn’t have to accomplish this.

Ranveer states in 1 2nd everything is modifying, On that lady you’re trusted & love, as of now they don’t trust you.

He imagines & stated they inquire the trust is so weak. Afterwards Pallavi stated amount is stolen.

Ranbir states the Prachi suffered due to me & as of now she’s not within the PS (police station).

Pallavi scold her & stated the Prachi is a thief.

Arayan comes & takes his own Handkerchief with him.

Abhi suggests her to be powerful & don’t think much for anybody.

He stated personal life has to face numerous issues afterwards Prachii states yes her mom also states the same thing.

Riya stated to Abhi that Abhi doesn’t make her know like this she stated why you don’t make me know so polite afterwards Abhi replies because you don’t listen to me.

Riya states that she wants to go with them & meet with Prachi’s mom.

Ranveer informs Aryan that everybody is blaming Prachi.

Aryan states that it’s unfair to steal the businesses amount.

Ranveer almost slaps him & states who informed this line? Aryan states to prove that Prachi is Innocent & informs him that he knows that Prachi is innocent.

Ranveer states gratitude to hin & apologizes for a hug.

Abhi states to him that he imparts 10 lakhs rupees in his own account(a/c).

Afterwards Vikram states what are you doing?  Alia states that amount has been stalled.

I’m your sister, Abhi replies that she’s her daughter.

Abhi states that you aren’t a judge. He stated that Vikaram going to transfer the amount.

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