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Kumkum Bhagya 22 January 2021 Written Episode, Read Today’s (22-01-2021) Full Written Update.

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Pragya swearing she missed him every day and expect they will meet 1 day, because she can not live with him loves him constantly. The shot goals at Abhi, however, the latter moves out of his goal.

Abhi asks Pragya to know now and states today it’s too late. Pragya states you can not wed. Abhi says in the event that you love me let me get married for this love, since you’ve educated me. He requests Pandit ji to begin studying the mantras and asks Meera to shoot rounds.

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Pragya takes away garland out of Meera and asks me to back off when she does not need her to do anything really bad for her. Ram Ram Jai…. .plays. . Abhi inquires what’s happening?

Pragya states in the event that you feel divorce documents are appropriate then you’ve got to wed me, I would like my spouse, rights and marriage, everything.

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She says you need to marry me. Abhi says I’m listening to you personally for the previous time, also informs Pandit ji which I will wed Pragya.

He asks her to not do so again. Pragya is astonished. He asks her to make him wear the garland. Pragya makes him use the garland. Abhi makes her use the garland. He requests Meera to sit in the vehicle and says they’ll come.

Meera says wait returns the engagement ring into Pragya, states it had been created for the finger and that is the reason why it had been loose for the own finger. Pragya appears surprised.

Dadi and Sarita behen visit Aryan from the temple. Sarita behen believes he has arrived at the temple. Pandit ji informs he will not perform the union that’s happening using cheat.

Aryan states it isn’t a cheat to combine two birds. He states if Ranbir does not wed Prachi then he’ll die and his spirit will disturb you.

Pandit ji states I’m not the Pandit that solemnizes union and informs he does exactly the puja of those deceased men etc.. Aryan says that I will find the mantras on the world wide web and requests him to see.

Pandit ji says union can not happen without priests’ blessings. Aryan sees with Dadi and Sarita behen sitting and informs him that they’ll get blessings from these.

He does not find their face however and asks Pandit to persuade them to bless the bunch. He also gives his phone Pandit ji so he can read union mantras.

Pragya tells Abhi she understood he adores her, but does not understand he is doing so for her. Abhi says I’m guilty. Pragya becomes teary eyes. Abhi inquires what happened?

Pragya states that my anger melted and walked outside. She says I had been arriving for you, but you’re moving away. Abhi says you’re the only one on your own life. Pragya says that you made me shout better.

Abhi says that he wished to listen to her love . Pragya states that I cried a whole great deal. She states she was really upset. Abhi says you aren’t mad in the present tense. The shooter shoots Abhi. Abhi runs as Pragya runs . The shooter becomes mad.

Pragya says that you left me cry and stated you don’t adore me that I state I adore you. Abhi says that our love differs and that I thought to do anything different.

He says if you’d stated this in your home, then that would not have happened, however, you attracted the Police house. Pragya says that you gave me a marriage and needs me to say that I adore you. Abhi says that he could drink even toxin with her. Pragya states rasams happened with Meera.

Meera says that she did not receive haldi applied and whined to everybody which she’s allergic to this. Abhi says I’d applied haldi for you and asks if she recalls or abandoned.

He states that I danced with you through my sangeet rather than with Meera. Pragya states you understand I adore you, and you want to hear. Abhi says I understood you adore me, but that my heart would like to listen to it. He states that I had a struggle with Purab and told me everything.

Pragya states if Purab understood that, and says when he hadn’t told me afterward. Abhi says he’d have brought you . She says when I’d attracted Police afterward? Abhi claims that the Police understood that we’re divorced now. Pragya states I presumed it property newspapers and signed, but did you register on it? Abhi seems on.

The shooter speaks to the man that hired him to take Abhi and informs two girls are here in order to wed him. The man asks him to kill the woman also.

The shot transmits Pragya’s pic. The guy asks one to kill Pragya additionally. The shooter believes to visit the front and then kill them. Purab Arrives to Aaliya. Aaliya inquires where was he?

Purab says that he had been on the patio. Aaliya informs him that she’ll follow him. Purab says you spoke the exact truth. Aaliya calls Raj and asks him to phone Vikram’s household. She states Bhai and Meera could have wed now.

Purab asks Raj when he’s about Aaliya’s facet. Raj says he’s happy with Abhi’s union, no matter whomever he marries.

Purab believes so he’ll probably be about Pragya di’s facet. Aaliya asks Servant to decorate the space for your wedding night and informs that she’ll throw undesirable items from the space.

Pragya inquires Abhi why did he hint on the divorce documents? Meera says it does not matter because he loves you a good deal. Pragya states how can you distinguish me from you, even though you understand my passion for you. Abhi says that I did not understand when and I signed onto the newspapers.

He says I’ve become like a living body once you left and do not understand when somebody took his hint. He says that he just knows he is influenced by the very fact that his title is her kumkum and her title is at his fate.

Pragya frees him and shouts. Song plays…. .tere bin jee na pawunga…. .Pragya says I adore you. Abhi says that I love you also fuggi. She inquires if you’ll call me by this name now. He says , and from many names that I was able to phone you. Pandit ji informs he hasn’t seen this a few and will do the union quickly. Abhi requests him to perform the union gradually as he needs the union for keeps for several births.

Purab says that the defeat is obviously seen in your own head, it seems awful when nothing happens in accordance with the strategy. Aaliya says that nothing is moving on to you, conquer is in your face also. Raj states Vikram’s household will come.

Tai ji claims that the gentleman attracted the blossoms. Aaliya asks to inquire the Servant to deliver the blossom. Purab believes the room will soon be adorned since Pragya di will soon be arriving and when Aaliya cries something out of the space, he then won’t spare . Raj believes what Purab is performing here and believes even Dadi isn’t here.

Dadi and Sarita behen speak to Pandit ji and requests him to perform the puja to get Abhi and Pragya. Pandit ji states I must acquire the union of a couple that loves each other a lot and asks them to bless the bunch. Dadi and Sarita behen joke and agrees on Aaliya.

Aaliya informs that Bhai’s very first night is going to be great as Meera knows him. Purab says , and that is why she assists him. She chooses the fuggi toy inside her hand. Purab believes if she yells it then he won’t bear it. Aaliya retains it all back.

He says it’s great that you did not throw it, so you do not understand exactly what it signifies to Abhi. Abhi and Pragya sit to their union rituals…Allah wariyan plays with….Pandit ji inquires who’ll do the ghatbandhan. Abhi says will I?

Pragya states Meera encouraged you during, so that she will tie this ghatbandhan. Meera happily joins the ghatbandhan.

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Kumkum Bhagya Cast:

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