Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Ranbir Gets Freed From The Police Station

The Daily episode begins with Sarita behen requesting Shahana to support her & informs that whenever she imparts her any work (5), she takes her books & calls her nautanki. Shahana requests what’s your issue?

Sarita behen states you’re the issue & informs that the books aren’t habitual to you. She requests her to support her. Shahana states you taken me to market & informs that she’ll not accomplish any work (5) as of now. Sarita behen informs that she’ll make dhoklas for her.

Shahana requests when? Sarita assures her & requests her to accomplish packing. She states she’ll make dhoklas. Prachi comes there & hugs Sarita behen. Sarita behen requests in case everything is fine. Prachi informs that the accusation wasn’t shifted from her name.

Shahana states Ranbir had captured the thief. Prachi states don’t take (2) his own name. She informs that Ranbir had stolen the amount from his own firm to prove my innocence. She states he taken the blame on himself.

Sarita behen requests where is he as of now? Prachi states he’s in PS (police station). Sarita behen states I’ve never witnessed such a person before & informs that he’s quite innocent & truthful. She states he always takes your problems on your head & states it seems I shall talk to Ranbir’s mom.

Ranbir imagines of Aryan’s words & imagines when Prachi had come to really know regarding the fact afterwards she got (1) upset & angry.

He states I’ve never witnessed her so much angry before. Prachi also imagines of Ranbir & gets restless. Shahana states Ranbir has made me mad & requests what has been the want to steal? She states he didn’t learn from his own error, he’d gone to jail in Maya’s complaint.

Prachi requests her to be quiet & informs that he’s finished this for her. She informs that when my issue comes afterwards he could’t know what’s right & unfair.

She informs that she’s duffer & don’t know that only lucky people gain such friend. Shahana states in case he’s your boyfriend afterwards you won’t be embarrassed. She requests her what you’ll tell in case he proposes her. Prachi states this thing goes in your mind & informs that she’ll complain to Sarita behen regarding him. She imagines Ranbir is a quite great person.

Ranbir imagines in case he doesn’t regard me as friend (or) not, she hates me as of now & won’t talk to me. Prachi imagines I shan’t talk to him like that, I must have listened to him & talked to him. She informs that she’ll meet him.

however prior to that she’ll meet his own family (4) & going to tell them that Ranbir had stolen the amount to safeguard her prestige. She imagines he’s a actually great person. Subhan Allah plays….

Pallavi states you’d gone to temple. Beeji informs that she’d gone to temple to watch in case God listens to her (or) not. Meera states Pandit ji informed that everything going to be fine. Pallavi states Ranbir could’t steal.

just how did this happen. Vikram states he’s never reached any amount, held in home. He states Police has CCTV footage. Rhea informs that Ranbir has stolen the amount from workplace. I’ve a reason, he’d stolen for Prachi.

She informs that she’d gone to meet Ranbir. She reported their own discussion & requests them to see on TV. She plays it. They see Ranbir telling that he’s finished this for her. Prachi telling him that she’ll bring the amount.

Rhea stops the recording right there & informs that she’d stated that she’ll repatriate the amount, however from where. She wants to spend the stolen amount on herself & doesn’t need to repay. She states her salary is under my pocket amount, afterwards just how she’ll pay. Pallavi comes in her talks.

Meera states Rhea is right. Prachi comes there & hears them. Beeji states it’s not proved that Prachi is the thief. Pallavi informs that Ranbir has stolen amount for Prachi & the latter is inauspicious for him. Vikram states you initiated again.

Pallavi states the lady who had taught my son to steal, what to think regarding that lady & requests what did I say unfair? She states you kept Ranbir far from bad citizens, as of now I need him to be far from Ranbir.

Rhea smiles. Prachi comes inside & states sorry. She states I didn’t really know that Ranbir going to accomplish such a thing for me. She states when I had come to really know afterwards I also stated him the same. Pallavi states sufficient & states you had come to really know everything, however you has been silent.

Prachi states I had come to tell you. Rhea smiles. Pallavi states he informed you y’day, however you had come after we really know the fact. Rhea states my phone wasn’t functioning y’day else I’d have shown you evidences y’day itself.

Aaliya brings Varsha there & informs that she met with an crash & has been in hospital (3). She states I took her here for Ranbir & all credit goes to Rhea. Pallavi gratitude Rhea.

Meera states we could take (2) Varsha to PS (police station) so that we could take (2) back Ranbir house. Pallavi stops Prachi & informs that their own son is now in issue due to her & requests her not to come.

Ranbir comes out of lock up & requests in case Prachi got (1) him freed. He requests in case the real thief is captured. Constable states I don’t really know. He comes & meets his own family (4). Vikram requests him to wear mask. Pallavi & Beeji scold him politely.

Ranbir laughs. Beeji states I’ll lock you in room. Ranbir states why everybody locks me in room. Beeji informs that gratitude to Varsha that she had come here to give her announcement here.

Rhea recalling Aaliya requesting her to show the video footage to them, until the mark. Ranbir requests where is Prachi? Pallavi requests him to appreciate Rhea & Aaliya & informs that in case the latter wouldn’t have took her secretary here afterwards don’t really know what would’ve happen. Aaliya imparts the credit to Rhea.

Ranbir states sorry. Rhea informs that she could accomplish anything for him. Meera states lets go. Ranbir imagines in case Prachi doesn’t really know that I’m freed & imagines to prove her innocent & calm down her anger.

Pragya comes house. Sarita behen requests her to come with her. Pragya requests regarding Prachi. Prachi comes there & cries. Pragya requests her to tell what happened? Prachi cries. Sarita behen states I didn’t tell anything to Pragya till date. Their own land line phone rings.

Pragya picks the call & informs that Police named them to PS (police station). They approach the PS (police station). Sarita behen informs Prachi that she didn’t tell Pragya & imagined Prachi going to be proved innocent. Aryan comes & hugs Ranbir.

He requests why did you surrender when you’d taken your amount. Ranbir informs that your mom’s secretary didn’t really know that I’m the firm boss’s son & informs that she did right. He informs that she’ll prove her innocent.

Inspector informs Pragya that Ranbir is freed & requests in case she knows? Pragya states just as of now we had come to really know. Inspector requests her to write consent papers, & informs that you & your daughter could’t leave this city, as Mr. Mehra’s sister questions you that you & your daughter had stolen the amount. Pragya states going to you believe whatever you say.

Inspector states in case you don’t sign afterwards I’ve to detain you. Pragya states I’ll sign not due to

Mr. Mehra’s sister, however because so that your inquiry don’t block. She signs & afterwards requests Prachi to sign. Prachi signs & states sorry. Pragya informs Prachi that they’ll accomplish what’s right.

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