Kumkum Bhagya 27 August 2024 Episode Written Update: Will The Police Arrest Prachi?

Kumkum Bhagya, we seen just how Ranbir & Abhi taken Vikram & Aryan’s support to nab the thieves who had stolen the 10 lakh rupees.

They go to their own den & knock them out in a heroic way. Afterwards they bring the thieves house to query them. Rhea & Aliya panic as they’re afraid that their own secret going to fall out as of now!

However the thieves reject to blurt out any information. Ranbir warns to thrash them up. Aliya also slaps the thief & requests him who helped him to steal the amount.

After sometime, 1 of them states that he’ll give the information. He goes on to say that the lady made them accomplish it for some of the personal reason & even assured them a 20% commission.

He points towards Aliya & states she made him accomplish it. He sums that ‘Prachi assured additional amount too.’

Everybody is stunned to realize that he’s pointing towards Prachi standing behind Aliya! Prachi begins sobbing & swears that she’s not finished it.

Thereafter, it’s disclosed that Aliya had assured two lakh rupees to the thief in a stealthy way without catching anybody’s eye. Someone reports the police & they come to detain the thieves & Prachi as well. However Ranbir stops them.

Ranbir’s mom requests him to go to his own room awhile Abhi too begins to dissent.

He states that Prachi is not his own daughter however she’s like his own daughter & he’d not need her to gain detained. He even states she’s innocent.

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