Kumkum Bhagya 28 August 2024 Episode Written Update: Pragya Is Shocked To Know That Prachi Is Jailed

show Kumkum Bhagya, we seen just how Aliya trapped Prachi & offered the goons additional amount to blame the innocent lady. The thieves forced & pointed towards Prachi as the mastermind.

The police arrived & detained Prachi with the 2 goons. Abhi & Ranbir attempted to dissent however Pallavi, Aliya, & Rhea suspended them from doing so!

Within the next daily episode, we’ll watch just how Abhi tries to cheer up Rhea. She cries as Abhi calls Prachi his own daughter & she’s unable to digest this. Abhi informs her that he loves her extra & that is why he isn’t with Prachi in the jail.

Meantime, Ranbir is desperate to locate a way to meet Prachi. Vikram requests him to leap off the window & Aryan takes his own place within the duvet. Pallavi tries to talk to him however she gets doubtful when she doesn’t receive a reply.

On the different hand, Prachi pleads the goons to tell her why they did this to her. The goons melt when she calls them ‘brother’ however Sanju calls them & requests them to keep quiet.

Sanju also calls Aliya & requests her to prepare a lawyer for the goons & bail them out.

He requests Rhea to deliver the amount they assured to give him. On the different hand, Prachi’s sister comes to the PS (police station) & hits the goons.

She’s inquired to leave & she goes & informs Pragya that Prachi was jailed!

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