Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2024 Episode Written Update

Aaliya Requesting Rhea Why Is She Crying & States You Shall Be Happy That You Are Saved & Prachi Is Detained. Abhi Comes There & Requests Why Are You Crying? Rhea States Dad…You Are Requesting Me Just how I Am Feeling.

She States In case I Tell You That You Are Not My Dad, However Not Less Than My Dad Afterwards Just how You Going to Feel. Abhi States You Felt Bad Regarding My Words & Requests Her To Feel Bad Regarding Aaliya’s Words. Rhea States I Am Severe. Abhi States I Could’t Distribute Your Love With Anyone & States In case I Regard Prachi As My Daughter That Doesn’t Mean That I Love You Less.

He Informs That Both Of You Are Like My 2 Eyes, Don’t Inquire Me Who Is Right & Who Is Left. Aaliya Informs She Is Upset & States Each Daughter Going to Be Upset.

He States She Is Still Childish & States I Have To Support Prachi To Gain Out Of This Issue. Rhea States She Is A Thief & Criminal, I Really know You Like Her, However Block Contributing Her. Abhi States My Heart Doesn’t Agree That She Is A Criminal & States It Is Proved That I Love You Extra Than Her.

He States Police Detained Prachi & Taken Her, However I Had come To You & Haven’t Gone Behind Prachi. Rhea Hugs Him. Abhi Goes.

Vikram Comes To Ranbir & Requests Him Not To Take (2) His own Mom’s Words Seriously. Ranbir States She Doesn’t Like Prachi & Suspended Me From Going To Police Station. Vikram Requests Him To Chill.

Ranbir Requests Just how To Chill Here, A Lady Is In Police Station. He Requests In case She Has Given You A Opportunity To Gain Upset In Workplace. Vikram States In case Your Mom Comes To Really know That I Am Taking Your Side Afterwards What She Going to Accomplish.

Ayrna States We Shall Think Regarding What Ranbir Shall Accomplish? Vikram States You Would Have Stated This. He States You Couldn’t See The Thief’s Nerve. Ranbir Requests Them Not To Fight & Informs That Prachi Is In Jail. Vikram Requests Her Not To Listen To Your Mom & Run To Meet Prachi.

Ranbir States Why Didn’t You Tell Me Before. Ranbir Hugs Him. Vikram Requests Him To Go Using The Window. Aryan States You Are Scared Of Pallavi Aunty.

Vikram States I Am Informing This So That He Could Meet Prachi Fast. Ranbir Leaps Down The Window & Goes. Aryan Informs Vikram, You Are Scared Of Pallavi Aunty. Vikram States No. Just Afterwards Pallavi Calls Ranbir, Vikram Gets Scared.

Prachi Requests The Thieves, Why They Lied To Everybody That She Inquired Them To Steal The Amount. She States I Didn’t Really know You, Afterwards Why Did You Accomplish This. She States What My Mom & Remaining Going to Think, & Have To Hear Citizens’s Taunts. She States Where I Work (5) Is Like My Family (4) & Requests Them To Say Fact, Calls Her Bhaiyya. The Thief Informs That He Could’t Bear To Watch Her Crying.

Different Thief Rejects & Makes A Call To Sanju. He Informs That Police Detained Them. Sanju Requests Them Just how? The Thief Informs Him Everything. Sanju States Why Did You Take (2) Prachi’s Name, Are You Mad? The Thief Informs That Aaliya Inquired Them To Lie & Offered two Lakhs INR.

He States Prachi Is Looking Quite Innocent & Informs That He Is Thinking To Tell Aaliya’s Name To Police. Sanju Requests Him Not To Take (2) Her Name.

The Thief Requests Him To Take (2) Them Out, Else They Could’t Conceal The Fact For Long. Sanju Requests In case You Are Threatening Me. The Thief States This Danger Is For Aaliya.

Vikram Makes Aryan Lie Down On The Bed & Covers Him With Blanket. Pallavi Comes There. Vikram Informs That Ranbir Is Upset With You As You Suspended Him. Pallavi States What Unfair Did I Accomplish? Vikram States Prachi Helped Ranbir In Maya’s Complaint. Pallavi States In case Prachi Is Unfair Afterwards I Going to Tell Her Unfair. She Is Regarding To Pull His own Blanket. Vikram Requests Her To Give Him Some time & Pleads Infront Of Her To Give Some time To Ranbir, States I Never Inquired You Anything In 25 Yrs., Give Some time To Him. Pallavi States Ok, I Going to Give Him Some time.

He Going to Talk To Me Thereafter & Goes. Aryan Requests Vikram To Wipe His own Sweat. Vikram States He Don’t Gain Sweat.

Shahana Comes To The Police Station & Requests The Thieves Just how Dare Them To Lie. She Hits Them. The Thieves Shout For Support. Police Constable Comes There & Requests Them To Sit. Prachi Requests Her To Go House & Notify Maa. Lady Constable Requests Prachi To Sign. Shahana Goes.

The Thief Informs The Different That Shahana Offended Them. He Requests What Sanju Stated. Different Thief Informs That Aaliya Madam Going to Take (2) Us Out.

Aaliya Comes To Rhea’s Room. Rhea Gets Sanju’s Call. Aaliya Picks The Call. Sanju Informs That His own People Are Detained. He Informs That He Wants To Talk To Rhea.

He Informs Rhea That He Doesn’t Trust Her Buji & Requests Her To Gap Herself From Her. Aaliya Requests Him To Tell In case He Has Anything To Talk Regarding. Sanju Informs That The Thieves Have Finished Numerous Murders & Could Take (2) Your Time Anytime.

Aaliya Requests Him To Inquire Them To Close Their own Mouth. Sanju States Whatever You Had Assured Is Not Fulfilled. He States I Didn’t Gain Prachi, & My People Got (1) Locked In Jail.

He Requests Her To Hire Lawyers & Gain Them Freed. He States I Going to Think What To Accomplish With Ranbir & Prachi. He Requests Her To Send 20 Per cent Commission With Rhea. Aaliya States Ok. Sanju Requests Her To Prepare Lawyer & Informs That He Going to Go To PS In two Prime minister.

Pragya Requests Sarita Behen, Why Did Prachi Go To Police Station? Sarita Behen States Mr. Mehra Should Have Named Her & States He Is A Great Person. Shahana Comes There & Informs That They Had Gone To Mr. Mehra’s Home, & There Have been Thieves Also, When Inquired The Thief Taken Her Name. Pragya Requests Where Is Prachi? Shahana States She Is In Lock Up. Pragya Is Stunned.

Precap: Pragya Gets Angry On Mr. Mehra & Informs That He Had Forgotten Just how Prachi Stood With Ranbir In Maya’s Issue, In case He Had Remembered.

Afterwards He Wouldn’t Have Gain Her Detained. Ranbir Requests Prachi In case She Imagined Regarding Him. She States A Bit. He States When You Don’t Like Me Afterwards Why Did You Think Regarding Me.

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