Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Update: Twist, Pragya…

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Episode Written Update. Read Kumkum Bhagya (02-Oct-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Ranbir saying Aryan & Nick that he’s calling Prachi’s mom as he’s assured her that in case he comes to really know anything afterwards he’ll notify her.

He replies she shall really know.

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He calls her & tells I need to tell you something linked to Prachi. Pragya states I’m within the hospital & don’t really know what you’re informing.

Sarita behen takes the call & informs that Pragya is not in a state to talk. Pragya states I could hear. Sarita behen puts the call on loudspeaker.

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Abhi informs that he’s captured the truck driver who hit Prachi & took him to his own friend’s home that is close by. He states he’s senseless now & requests Pragya to come there & requests the truck driver why he did this with Prachi.

Sarita behen requests Pragya to go & requests the truck driver. Pragya states just how could I go leaving Prachi here, she needs blood & it needs to be provided.

Sarita behen states Mr. Mehra going to bring her daughter here & requests her to go & confront the truck driver who took Prachi in this condition. Abhi requests Rhea, just how she could hope that Prachi shall pass away.

Aaliya defends her & states Rhea doesn’t mean this. Abhi requests just how could you defend her, requests just how could Rhea think like this.

He states Prachi is now in ICU & having internal wounds, she’s senseless, doctors are unsure & family (4) is worried & Rhea is praying for her demise. He states in case you’ll pray for all’s demise whom you don’t like.

Aaliya states Rhea is your daughter, you’ll talk to her this way. Abhi states the lady who’s within the hospital (3) has been like his own daughter too. Rhea states there is a difference.

Abhi states she resided as a daughter & did so much for us, have finished numerous sacrifices for Ranbir. He states we stated bad things regarding her & offended her. She didn’t say anything & she wouldn’t have stated that we all pass away.

He states after hearing all this, he’s feeling just how to call her as his own daughter. Rhea states you couldn’t talk to Rhea like this for Prachi. Abhi blames Aaliya for Rhea’s bad thoughts & states what I’m informing, shall be stated by you.

He states in case you also want that Prachi shall pass away.

Meera, Mitali & remaining come there. Rhea states you heard half fact. Meera requests what’s happening? Abhi requests her to inquire Rhea. Mitali say she’s standing with her head low.

Aaliya requests him to hear what she wants to say. Rhea states I wanted to say that….Aaliya states Rhea stated that in case Prachi passes away afterwards what Dad going to feel & states what she meant & what you imagined.

Rhea states Dad…you don’t trust me also. She states just how could you think that your daughter could think of killing Prachi. She states just how could he? Aaliya states Rhea knows that you likes Prachi.

She requests Meera in case she could think of killing someone (or) wishing for someone’s demise. Meera states Rhea could’t accomplish this. Mitali imagines Aaliya & Meera, both of them understood that Rhea could be unfair, afterwards why they’re supporting her.

Abhi states sorry. Rhea states Buji felt actually bad. Aaliya requests Abhi not to let his own love for Prachi overpower his own love for Rhea. He requests Rhea to come & donate the blood to Prachi.

Rhea states she’s feeling not well. Abhi states I really know you’re scared of injection & requests her not to worry. He states this is important & you’ve to accomplish it. Aaliya imagines Prachi is your different daughter & you’re worried for her.

Mitali requests Aaliya why she’s tensed. Aaliya shuts the door angrily. Meera states just how rude. Mitali imagines Rhea hates Prachi quite much, however, why? She imagines locating out.

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