Kumkum Bhagya 31 August 2024 Episode Written Update: Pragya Decides To Fight For Prachi

Within the recent series of the show, we’ve witnessed just how Prachi is charged as the mastermind of the robbery. She’s detained & jailed by this police. Within the next daily episode, we’ll witness the ‘Rudra’ avatar of Prachi’s mom Pragya. She’s furious that Prachi’s boss has charged her of robbery. She blames the high-class city citizens. She states they’re heartless & don’t know feelings. She also leaves in a fit of anger as she wants to safeguard her daughter from that evil clutches of her Mehra sir & Vikram sir.

On the different hand, lover boy Ranbir escapes his own mom’s glare & brings laddoos for Prachi who’s stuck in jail. He also shows worry & tries to soothe her. Meantime, Abhi devises for Prachi’s bail. Rhea brings Maya & accuses Ranbir of borrowing amount from Maya for Prachi’s sake. This resulting in an argument between Prachi & Ranbir. As Ranbir & Rhea leave the jail building they watch that the goons were bailed. When Ranbir requests who applied for the bail, Rhea creates a scene by informing her ankle is twisted & Ranbir takes her to the car.

Sanju gets the bail for his own goons & requests them to go & conceal. Pragya & Sarita approach the jail cell & meet Prachi. Pragya informs her that she’d free her from that shackles of this jail. She also feels extremely sad. She informs Prachi that as shortly as Shahana gave her the info she had come rushing to her. Thereafter, when alone, Sarita informs Prachi that she believes in Mehra sir & that he’s a great person.

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