Kumkum Bhagya 9 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Maya Makes A Shocking Decision!

Within the recent daily episode of the show, we saw just how Ranbir & his own family (4) have been appreciated in Maya’s home. Rhea & Aliya ruled to break Ranbir & Maya’s marriage. However when they identified that all of their own cheats have been failing Rhea ruled to talk to Maya. However Maya belittled her & stated that she’s marrying the stud of the college. Ranbir saved Rhea when Maya’s mom initiated to abuse her.

Within the next daily episode, we’ll watch just how Ranbir awaits for Prachi to come to the wedding. He knows that only Prachi could safeguard him. Meantime, Maya’s mom informs Rhea that she’s a bad attitude & she should be punished. However Rhea backlashes in her & informs her that she’s only there to correct her error. Maya’s mom wonders what error made Maya gain wedded to Ranbir.

On the different hand, Ranbir requests Maya regarding Rahul & she states that she doesn’t care regarding him. She also informs Ranbir that Rahul is her past.

She discloses that from Ranbir is her to-be-husband, he must really know her secrets. She informs him that her uncle threatened Prachi & inquired her not to come. Ranbir realizes why Prachi is not coming to the wedding however thereafter he spots her.

He locates Prachi within the disguise as a dancer. She informs him that she’s come to safeguard him as she can’t let her finest friend marry the unfair human. Ranbir requests her in case Maya is the unfair human, afterwards who’s the right lady for him?

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