Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2024 Written Update: Twist, Pragya…

Today’s Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Prachi requests who’s behind her answer. Nurse requests Pragya to meet Doctor. Pragya leaves without answering her.

Prachi requests accomplish you really know regarding it Shahana.

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Shahana states I don’t really know,maybe be Pragya aunty (or) Saritha Aunt may really know it. P

rachi sees Saritha & requests who’s behind her crash.

Saritha discloses to them that Riya is the 1 who’s mastermind behind Prachi each issue from that begin. Ranbir leaves angrily after overhearing them. Prachi states Ranbir & tries to go behind him.

Riya cries thinking just how she attempted to murder her own sister & states Sorry to Prachi picture & in case you forgive me than I’ll give you surprise for your personal life disclosing my dad is yours & in case I met you before than I never felt jealous seeing Dad love for you & Dad habituated to say youre like our Mom & I has been like him ,he’s right because whenever saw our Mom I forget regarding my hate, Dad is right & I love you & Mom.

I wish to take (2) both of you to house however 1st I’ve to notify this to Dad than we’ll take (2) you persons to house.

Ranbir regarding to leave however he stops seeing Prachi behind him.

Ranbir states sorry I didn’t realized Riya intentions to wound you & I won’t leave her. Prachi begs him to talk with Pragya before doing anything. Ranbir agrees seeing Prachi condition.

Pragya requests them what are they doing outdoor. Nurse states they could take (2) Prachi to house in case they could take (2) care of her.

Saritha & Pragya agrees to take (2) Prachi to house.

Shahana requests where you went. Aryan states I went to house after getting cells from Mom however calls had come to me accidentally & he requests regarding Prachi health. S

hahana states they approached to house & cuts the call.

Riya in tears had come to house & imagines Abhi going to be happy in case he knows regarding Pragya & Prachi. Aryan sees Riya & imagines Riya is crying after knowing Prachi is fine & imagines they she hates him so much.

Riya circular Abhi is not within the room & than she takes key & opens the cupboard & sees their own childhood pics & Abhi pictures with Pragya.

Riya happily cries hugging those pictures & states I always need you & My sister near me however you’re near still I didn’t gain it, sorry Mom. Riya locks cupboard.

Dadi requests Riya why are you crying. Riya states I’ve to talk with Dad. Dadi states he’s sleeping after taking tablets however Riya leaves out. Dadi prays God to unite Pragya & Abhi.

Ranbir & Pragya brings Prachi to house. Ranbir serves water to them.

Shahana requests why you didn’t purchased for me. Ranbir goes to gain the other glass & imparts it to Shahana.

Pragya requests Prachi to take (2) rest. Ranbir states he’ll take (2) her. Pragya agrees. Ranbir takes Prachi to room. Saritha & Shahana smiles seeing them.

Pragya requests what happened. Saritha states Prachi & Ranbir initiated loving eachother. Pragya won’t believe it. Shahana states Saritha aunty is correct. Pragya requests just how you really know.

Shahana states whole college feels It. Pragya states let’s watch & goes to gain room to alter her clothes than she notices photo frame is empty. Shahana states she purchased that frame.

Aliya takes Riya to her room & requests Riya to flew far from city till she organizes everything & requests why she’s crying.

Riya states I’m not crying for that complaint, you went to Prachi house to gain your phone right? Aliya Nods Yes. Riya requests don’t you feel Dad & Prachi Mom met eachother before.

Aliya states don’t really know. Riya states in case Dad meet her that Day than Dad may requests me to Donate blood to your sister & Riya states in case Dad had met Prachi’s mom afterwards Dad wouldn’t have stated that she should be like Prachi.

however he may have stated that I wish Riya should be like her elder sister Prachi. Aaliya gets stunned.

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