Kundali Bhagya 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 12th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Dadi Scolds The Giresh Why He Does Not Really know Where Dry Fruits Are. Karina & Kritika Come There To Calm Dadi.

They Say They Accomplish Not Like What Dadi Is Doing Here, She Should Take Rest. Dadi States She Needs To Develop Sargi. Rakhi Is Ill & Desires Her To Do All The Rituals Happily & With Love.

Dadi Has been Excited To Make Each Daughter In Law’s Sargi Memorable & Happy 1.

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Mahira Comes To The Kitchen & Informs The Ladies She Going to Also Fast. Kritika Requests Just how She Could Fast, She Is Not The Daughter…. She Stops Looking In Karina. Kritika States She Might Be Low On Energy.

Mahira States Karan Is Her Spouse, Not Preeta’s. She Going to Keep Her Fast Whole Heartedly. Dadi States By Rituals Mahira Could Not Fast.

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Karina Defends Mahira’s Going to As It Going to Be For Karan’s Personal life. Dadi Imagines Rakhi Would Not Let Mahira Fast, However She Also Suspended Her, & This Has been Her Responsibility. She Agrees. Mahira Hugs Dadi.

Dadi Gets A Call From Rakhi. She Informs Karina That Sarla Is Coming With Some of the Gifts For Preeta. Karina Smiles Bitterly.

Mahira Stops Outdoor Karan’s Room. Karan Notices Her There & Requests In case She Desires Something. Mahira States She Must Have Knocked.

She Just Saw Him & Suspended There. She Has been Regarding To Sit On His own Bed. Karan States It Is Late, She Must Go & Sleep. Mahira Sits On His own Bed & States She Knows What Is In Karan’s Heart & Mind. Karan Leaves The Bed. He Informs Mahira To Know He Is A Wedded Person. Mahira States She Going to Prove To Karan That She Is His own Real Spouse, By Fasting For Him Tomorrow.

She States It Is For A Spouse’s Long Personal life. & Even Bani Dadi & Karina Bua Permitted Her. Karan Informs Mahira To Leave This Karwa Chot, It Is Nothing. Mahira States Karan Left Him On A Path Where She Ruled To Pass away, & Still She Going to Fast For Him. Karan Apologizes. Preeta Had Come To The Room.

Mahira States She Loves Him & Needs His own Love In Repatriate. Karan Backs Up From Mahira Because Of Preeta. Mahira Requests In case Karan Is Afraid Of Preeta & Not Admitting His own Love. Karan Teases That Preeta Is Turning Red Because Of Anger & Jealousy. Mahira Holds Karan’s Arm. Preeta Leaves.

Karan Leaves The Room Informing Mahira Should Sleep, As It Is Late. Mahira Enforces Karan’s Hand On Her Face Informing She Has Fever. Preeta Watches Them From A Window.

Karan Withdraws His own Hand & Checks The Fever From Forehead & Informs Her To Take Rest. Her Fever Of Misunderstanding Going to Shortly Be Gone. Karan Leaves The Room. Preeta Comes To The Room & States Bye To Mahira, Signaling Her To Leave.

She States This Is Karan & Her Room. Mahira Problems That Shortly She Going to Break Preeta’s Ego. Preeta States From Day 1, Preeta Has Being Breaking… However She Never Once Succeeded. She Stands Here As A Daughter In Law Of The Entire family & Spouse Of Karan Luthra.

Mahira Forbids Preeta To Call Herself A Spouse. She States Tomorrow She Going to Fast For Karan & He Going to Break Her Fast. Preeta Has been Stunned To Really know This.

Mahira States Even Karina & Dadi Blessed Her, Karan Going to Accept Her As A Spouse Tomorrow & Her Spouse Going to Break Her Fast. Giresh Comes To Tell Preeta That Sarla Is Here. Preeta Has been Excited.

In The Hall, Rishab & Kritika Appreciates Sarla & Shrishti. Preeta Comes Racing To Meet Sarla & Shrishti. Mahira & Sherlin Show Up, Dadi & Karina Also Come There. Dadi Informs Karina Not To Fight Sarla, She Is Their own Relative. Karina States She Never Fights, It Is Just That Sarla Blames Her & Her Entire family.

Dadi Appeals Karina To Stay Silent For Rakhi Today. They Offer Sarla A Seat. Karan Also Comes Downstairs & Greets Shrishti & Sarla. Sarla Addresses That She Spoke To Rakhi, It Is Great They Informed Her To Take Rest.

Sarla States It Is A Ritual In Her Entire family, A Lady Gifts Dry Fruit Laddu To Her Son & Daughter In Laws. She Has No Son, So She Took It For Preeta. They Could Keep It In Their own Sargi.

Karan Takes The Tiffin, However Karina & Dadi Snatch The Box. Sarla Gifts Karan A Bottle Complete Of Besan Ke Laddu. Rishab, Karan & Kritika Fight For The Sweet.

Giresh Serves Cold Drinks. Mahira Imagines Curtly That They All Behave So Well With Sarla, She Could’t Let Preeta’s Entire family Mingle With Luthra Entire family.

In The Corridor, Mahira Calls Her Mom. Ramoona Has been Driving The Car & Requests Mahira Just how She Feels.

Mahira Requests Ramoona To Come Here, Apologize For Misunderstandings Between Them & Bless Her For Karwachot. She States Preeta’s Mom Is Here.

Preeta Looks About & Wonders Where Mahira Is.

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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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