Kundali Bhagya 17 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Sherlyn And Mahira Try To Ruin Preeta’s Recipe

In the latest show of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta sleeps in Karan’s bed & he regulations to sleep in the balcony.

Because of their own own argument, Karan doesn’t enter the room even when it starts raining. Karan finally appeals Preeta’s to open the door & let him in.

Preeta appeals Karan to change his own own clothes because they’re all wet.

Karan shifts in the same room as Preeta & tries to kiss her.

Mahira who is continuing to spy on Karan & Preeta gets jealous. Thereafter that night, Karan falls sick because the rain & Preeta takes care of him.

In the upcoming show, Karan wakes up next to Preeta with his own own cold & fever cured. He regrets being nice to Preeta & forgetting just just how she injury his own own family (4).

When Karan leaves the room, Sarla calls up Preeta & appeals her to grow her pehli rasoi for the Luthra Family (4) & make something sweet.

Preeta is worried that no one going to eat anything she makes because they all hate her & don’t want her regarding.

Sherlyn locates out Preeta’s plan for the pehli rasoi. Sherlyn & Mahira try to scare Preeta to leave the kitchen & fail to accomplish so.

Sherlyn distracts Preeta with the help of Girish. When Preeta is far far away they mix red chilli powder in the gajar ka halwa.

Girish reports Preeta that her mom is calling her. Preeta speaks to her mom & states she misses them.

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