Kundali Bhagya 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 17 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (17-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 17th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Karan gratitude god, Preeta questions what he meant, karan begins to mumble however afterwards references that this would imply that he’d have the whole of the bed to himself.

Preeta also gratitude god so when karan questions she clarifies that before a honeymoon both of the persons must know the remaining as it’s required, Karan references that they’d 1st gain to really know of every different afterwards would’ve the honeymoon.

Shrishti questions Sameer what he imagines regarding, he requests regarding what, she clarifies that she’s speaking of Karan & Preeta, Sameer references that he imagined she has been requesting regarding them.

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Shrishti questions what’s happening between them because she imagined that they both have been finest friends & Karina doesnot need them to even talk, she knows that Pawan is trying to gain closer to her even when he’s the brother of Prithvi & even afterwards she’d not be with him however he’s a plenty of strength even when they both are unfair.

Sameer exclaims that she’s not thinking regarding what he’s passing through because Karina has given him the last caveat that she’d send him return to their own village in case he’s close to her although this is not the complaint & he’s still with her, Shristhi requests him to not be worried as she has been just joking with her, he exclaims that he’s a plenty of emotions however is awaiting for the most opportune moment.

He afterwards hugs her however gets stunned when Rakhi comes from that back, Sameer exclaims that she must block crying, Shristhi doesnot know what he meant. Rakhi requests why is she crying, Sameer clarifies that she has been missing Preeta & has been regarding to faint so he consoled her & gave her a hug, Shrishti is obliged to act as in case she’s crying.

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Rakhi hugs her clarifying that she must be happy because the differences that they’d were wiped off & as of now they’re residing a happy personal life, Rakhi exclaims that she doesnot have any tears even when she’s crying, Shrishti is obliged to make an excuse that she’s just sad as her sister is not going to be in this city however is happy & sad both simultaneously.

Rakhi references that she’d drop her because afterwards would gain a opportunity to meet with Sarla as it was a lot time, she also requests Sameer to come with her, they afterwards gain into the car. Mahira is packing her clothes, Sherlin comes to the room requesting her what she’s doing in that Mahira exclaims that she’s not worried because as of now Karina.

Is on their own side although Sherlin tries to clarify that no 1 would be able to support them even Karina in case they’re suspended & that Sameer is loyal to Preeta & would notify her everything so she must conceal, Sherlin clarifies that she’d look-out for anybody, Mahira references that she’s just like a sister although Sherlin references that she’s not a sister however just her offence partner & they just cover the crimes.

Mahira questions just how does she have no feeling in that Sherlin references that she could make Rishab falls in love with her in case she wants although would never accomplish this as she only loves 1 human & would marry him actually shortly. Preeta & Karan are driving within the car, Karan begins singing a song & after hearing it Preeta tries to watch her lips wondering in case they’re dry afterwards Karan takes out the lip balm.

Preeta questions just how did he got it, Karan begins teasing her clarifying that he kept this because in case she wants to come close afterwards he’d give her the lip balm, Preeta feels cold & takes out the jacket although she also pulls out a nightdress, she immediately clarifies that it doesn’t pertain to her.

Someone else may have positioned it there because she doesn’t have the habit of wearing such clothes & that has no ambition, Karan requests her in case she’d not have blended feeling upon approaching there due to the dress, afterwards awhile driving their own car breaks down, karan references that he’d call the mechanic in Mumbai (Bombay) who’d send someone whom he knows & they’ll have the car fixed.

Karan calls the mechanic after that they begin to walk towards the regional hotel. Sarla hands some of the clothes to Janki ordering her to have them pressed, there is someone on the door an when she opens it, Rakhi is standing there, Sarla immediately requests them to come in afterwards scolds Shrishti for not reporting her as she’d have taken care of the home otherwise.

Rakhi stops her informing that she shouldn’t be so official as they’re a single entire family & there is nothing to worry regarding, Sarla clarifies that when she heard Preeta has been going to Manali she’d taken out the clothes that is when she identified some different clothes that they don’t utilize & so she imagined of having them pressed & given to those who’re in want.

Sarla exclaims that she initiated speaking regarding the clothes & forgot to inquire them what they’d like to have although Rakhi references that they’ve had the breakfast, Janki references that she must have the tea made by Shrishti as she makes okay tea, Sarla exclaims that it’d were in their own dream as it’s not the complaint.

Shrishti goes to make it when Sarla clarifies that Preeta habituated to take care of everything however as of now that she’s gone Shrishti is beginning to take responsibility however that is why she teases her. Rakhi requests why she not had come to meet Preeta, Sarla references that she met Preeta just the day before y’day & Rakhi even permitted Preeta to come with her, they’d plenty of time to talk with every different.

She therefore ruled to meet with Preeta when she comes back. Rakhi ads that she must have come as Preeta has been stepping out of town, however, Sarla is unable to answer, Rakhi references that she didn’t come due to some of the members of their own entire family, Rakhi clarifies that they’re not those who can’t take care of their own daughter-in-law even when there have been some of the citizens those have a various opinion of the community.

however, it’s something that prevails in each home. Mahira is packing her clothes when Sherlin comes requesting her to come as they’re prepared, Mahira questions regarding her suitcase in that Sherlin references that it’s already within the car, Mahira gets a call from that mechanic Jadav who clarifies that the car broke down just as they scheduled.

Both of them are ahead of him walking towards the resort, he clarifies just how he ensured them that the car would break down after approaching the bypass, he references that he’d send the account(a/c) number so they could transfer the amount, Mahira exclaims that it has been the right schedule to call Jadav & spoil the car, Sherlin exclaims that she mustn’t forget who made the schedule before stating that as of now they’d ensure that everything happens as per their own schedule & the countdown starts.

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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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