Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Preeta Clarifies That She Would Have To Wake Up.

Early In The In the morning For Karawachot So Would Go To Sleep, Karan References.

That There Is The other Thing, She Got Jealous When Mahira Had come Close To Him So She Stated That His own Coach Named Him Although When He Had come There Has been No Call & He Even Named The Coach Who Mentioned That He Had Never Named Him.

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Preeta States That He Is A Busy Cricketer & Even His own Coach Would Be Busy So Might Have Forgot Although He Still Imagines That She Is The 1 To Accuse Even When She Reported Him Of Such An Important Information.

Preeta Tries To Push Him Far away Although They Both Fall On The Bed With Karan On Top Of Her.

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They Both Begin Arguing On Whose Error It Has been, Preeta Requests Him To Say Sorry Because He Did Not Let Her Go Near Her Bed That Is Why They Fallen.

Karan Rejects Mentioning That Everything Belongs To Him In The Room So In case Anybody Must Apologize It Must Be Preeta, She Although Demands That They Both Would Say Sorry To Every Different In The Same Time.

Karan Agrees However When Preeta Counts He Doesnot Utter A Single Word, He Accepts Her Apology, Preeta Gets Mad Informing That He Is A Cheater & Even Hits Him With A Pillow, Karan Gets Tensed Requesting Just how Could She Hit Him Before Karawachot, Preeta Responds In Anger Clarifying That She Would Not Have Taken This Step Had He Not Deceived With Her.

She Goes To Sleep, Karan Realizing That She Would Not Be Able To Sleep In The Cold Turns Off The Air Conditioner, Preeta Realises That He Has Changed It Off, Gets Up To Turn It Back On Just Because Of Worry, He Turns To Look In Her, She Once Again Lies Down To Sleep After Smiling.

Sameer Questions Regarding Sarla’s Health From Shrishti She Clarifies That Sarla Is Healthy However Has been Just Depressed For A Little Time.

She Afterwards Clarifies That Even Although What Happened Has been Unfair She Is Still Happy, Sameer Also States That He Is Not Worried Because No 1 Ever States Anything In Their own Home When Something Unfair Happens So There Must Be Someone Who Could Say The Fact In Front Of Everybody.

Shrishti Also States That She Knows That Nothing Unfair Would Happen With Her Mom After What She Stated To Ramona.

Sameer Requests Her To Notify Sarla That There Is Nothing Unfair With The Entire family Because Everybody Is Busy In Getting ready For The Karawachot Function, Sameer Also Requests Her To Keep The Fast For Him, She References That He Has Indirectly Proposed Her As The Fast Is Only Kept By A Spouse So In case He Wants That She Must Keep A Fast For His own Health Afterwards Must Propose 1st As Otherwise She Could Never Accomplish Such A Thing,.

She Enforces Him To Propose & When He Is Regarding To Karina Arrives The Room Calling His own Name, Sameer Is Left Perplexed, He Out Of Chaos Is Regarding To Drop His own Mobile Phone & Ends The Call, She Requests Him Who He Has been Speaking Too.

He References That It Has been Just His own Friend Afterwards Karina Orders Him To Quash All The Meetings Of Rishab Tomorrow, Sameer States That He Would 1st Have To Inquire Rishab That Angers Karina, She Once Again Repeats Her Orders Exclaiming That She Doesnot Need That Rishab Even Leaves The Home On Account(a/c) Of Karawachot.

She Is Regarding To Leave When Shrishti Calls Him A Nervous, He Is Regarding To Say Her Name When Karina Once Again Comes Into The Room, She Requests Him To Show Her Who He Has been Speaking To In The Night.

Although He Rejects To Show Her The Mobile Phone, Ensuring That He Would Target On His own Work, She Warns To Send Him Back In case He Doesnot Target Although Sameer Assures To Work With All His own Might.

When She Leaves He Is Relaxed That She Did Not Watch The Name On The Mobile As Otherwise It Would Create The other Scene.

Preeta Wakes Up In 4am To Develop For The Function, She Quickly Turns It Off So That Karan Doesnot Wake Up, She Sees Karan Remembering What He Mom Informed Her That On The 1st Karawachot The Diva Imparts Her Blessings For The Best Relation So She Must Keep The Fast With All Her Might.

When She Is Regarding To Turn He Takes Her Hand Informing Exclaiming In case She Has been Regarding To Take Advantage Of His own Sleeping Although She References That She Has been Just Looking In Him.

He Requests Her To Not Fight With Her As He Doesnot Need The Same, Preeta Requests Him To Not Talk In A Way That Angers Her.

She Turns Back, Karan States That He Is Doing This Because Of Dadi As She Instructed Him To Be Great With Her, Preeta Also Comments That She Did Not Know Why He Has been Being So Great.

Rishab Comes From The Bathroom & Turns Off The Alarm, He Realises That Sherlin Might Have Set It In Order To Wake For The Rasam Of Sarghi, He Is Regarding To Wake Her Up However She Requests Him To Turn Off The Lights So He Also Lies Down, She Afterwards Wakes Up Inquiring Why He Did Not Wake Her Up As She Is The Elder Daughter In Law Of The Entire family & In case She Did Not Participate The Rasam Afterwards What Would The Entire family Think, She Even Blames That He Doesnot Need That She Be Respected In The Entire family, Although Rishab Clarifies That There Is Nothing Of The Sort.

Kartika Comes Out & Is Stunned To Watch That Both Rishab & Karan Are Awake, She Questions In case They Both Are Also Maintaining The Fast In That Rishab References That They Would Not Accomplish Anything Of The Sort As It Is Only Because They Both Have To Witness The Rituals, Karan Also Exclaims That This Misconception Arose Because Of Some of the People Who Imagines That It Is Alright Although He Has No Such Ambition.

Karina Presents Kartika With The Sarghi That Had come From Her In Laws Home, Preeta Comes With The Thali & Karan Is Stunned To Watch Her Dressed In The Beautiful Attire, She Takes The Blessings Of Dadi Who Imparts Her & Karan The Blessings Of Their own Long Personal life.

Karan References That He Is Feeling So Important, Rishab Clarifies That It Is Because His own Spouse Has Kept A Fast For Him & On This Day The Husbands Are A Step Ahead, So He Is Feeling Like This.

Preeta Calls Karina To Take Her Blessings, Even She Imparts Her Blessings. Rishab States That Preeta Is Maintaining The Fast Because Of His own Long Health, Rishab Even Answers Why Preeta Would Keep The Fast.

Karan Leaves After That Rishab Imagines That He Would Be Hard On The Outdoor However Has A Soft Heart, Sameer Also Comes Clarifying That He Would Be Forced To Praise Preeta Until The Noon, Rishab States That He Would Not Calm Down Until The End Of Day, They Both Begin A Bet On When Would Karan Be Forced.

When They Are Having The Food, Dadi Tries To Give Sherlin The Laddu That Sarla Had Took Although She Rejects To Take Them, Mahira Comes Seeking The Blessings Of Karina, She Insists That She Give Her The Blessings As The Spouse Of Karan.


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