Kundali Bhagya 18 September 2022 Episode Written Update : Mahira Challenges Preeta To A Cook-Off

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Sarla informs Preeta to develop something sweet for her pehli rasoi within the Luthra

Home. Preeta rules to make gajar ka halwa in house. Mahira & Sherlyn are worried that Preeta going to impress everybody with her cooking. They schedule to ruin Preeta’s dish & distract her from cooking.

When Preeta leaves the kitchen to answer a call from her mom, they put red chilli powder in her dish.

Mahira rules to make her own gajar ka halwa to rival Preeta.

Within the upcoming series, Karan locates Preeta speaking to her family (4) over the phone. He hears her joking regarding just how he fallen sick due to the rain.

Sarla sees Karan & requests him in case he’ll fulfil the pag phera marriage ritual. She requests Karan to come to their own home with Preeta & he agrees.

Sarla rules to make Karan’s favorite dishes when he arrives the next day, however she’s still worried that Karan doesn’t accept Preeta.

Mahira informs Preeta that she’s also made gajar ka halwa & states the Luthras going to finally decide whose is best.

Preeta offers the halwa to the Luthra family (4) however Karan & Kareena reject to taste it. Everybody else tastes the halwa & likes it.

When Karan rejects Preeta’s halwa, Mahira imparts her halwa to everybody. They’re all stunned by just how spicy her dish is.

Rakhi goes to her room & brings a gift for Preeta for her pehli rasoi. Daadi also informs Preeta that she’ll give her a gift.

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