Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 20 January 2021 Written Episode, Read Today’s (20-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Upcoming Story Spoiler Twist:

Akshay forcefully closes the mouth of Ruchika with his hands. At the same time, Srishti comes there. Srishti says to Akshay, leave her. But Akshay pushes Srishti.

Preetha also comes there & she pulls Akshay and slaps him very hard.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2021 Daily Serial Starts With Shristhi comes running at the hallway when she listens the woman recommending with Akshay to leave her.

She promptly attempts to get them split although he pushes her away, Preeta comes & afterwards watching him she slaps Akshay inquiring how did he dare take action.

She explains how she’d show his true face before everybody and she has the witness & also the offender, Shristhi apologizes to Megha telling how she believed wrong regarding her now could stand with her and she needs to notify each of the reality.

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Preeta is currently holding the hands of Akshay if Karina and everybody ask what’s occurred, Preeta is angry so claims to Kritika the way she educated her around Akshay becoming a dishonest man however she refused to consider her, Preeta compels Akshay to clarify the fact but he doesnot mention anything.

Preeta cites how she watched him misbehaving together with the woman and today when she’s a witness she’d not him do anything else incorrect, Preeta describes to karan the way she understood about the minimal character of Akshay before and if she attempted to tell him he refused to consider her now.

She’s come to understand how he actually is,” Karina stops Preeta asking why does she always have to attribute Akshay, Shristhi additionally measures in stating about the way she understands what sort of someone Akshay is, Karina actually attempts to scold her she intimidates with Karina to allow her to talk mentioning.

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How she watched him with a woman if he had been covering her face with his hands and he may have achieved this into many different women. Preeta once he asks him to show the fact however he clarifies that she shouldn’t ever attempt to say he doesnot have a minimal character that isn’t the situation as he simply enjoys Kritika.

Preeta is angry then clarifies how if he wouldn’t state the fact she’d request from Megha, Preeta queries Megha who shows Akshay was hoping to become physical with her if they had been around the dancing floor and he then attempted to misbehave with her Akshay gets anxious requesting her not to lie.

Because it’d ruin his life using Kritika as due to the attribute Kritika can also be always crying, Preeta requests him not to say something wrong and accept his loved ones and depart not just the lifetime of his loved ones but also Kritika. Karan and his household are shocked since they’re unable to trust the accusation.

Sarla together with Janki simply then enter the home and appears at Karan, Akshay clarifies how he didn’t want to disclose it like that since he thinks about the honor of a woman, Akshay shows how he attempted not to speak about anything as it had been the thing of a woman however as it is around the topic of a woman he can’t stay silent and the fact if Shristhi wants to wed him.

Preeta gets and requesting him to cease, Sameer is unable to keep it takes him by his collar leaves when Karina scolds himAkshay attempts to state it is the fact however Karan cites how he understands her and she’s not of this kind, Preeta asks Akshay to seem at Shrishti because she’s just one in a thousand and would not think of marrying someone like him he should not state anything from Shristhi, Sarla inquires Preeta why’s she’s trying to show the innocence of Shristhi as everybody standing at the role knows about her, She needs that Akshay first speak with her because she’d answer him then queries did he dare mention these crazy things about her kid.

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