Kundali Bhagya 21 September 2023 Episode Written Update: Preeta Reveals How She Ruined Mahira’s Plan

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta goes to speak to her mom. Sherlyn sneaks into the kitchen & mixes Chilli powder in Preeta’s halwa. Mahira starts creating her own halwa. Preeta’s mom invites Karan & Preeta to her home for the pag phera ritual the next day. When Preeta repatriates to the kitchen, Mahira problems Preeta to watch whose halwa the Luthra family (4) likes best. Awhile Karan & Kareena don’t taste Preeta’s halwa, the rest of the family (4) love it. They taste Mahira’s dish & hate the taste.

Next week, Preeta informs Mahira that she identified out they blended chilli powder in her halwa. She also states that she blended salt in Mahira’s halwa.

Preeta also discloses just how she managed to make a halwa that everybody enjoyed. She informs Sherlyn & Mahira that she’s too clever for them.

Kareena scolds Preeta when she requests the home support, Girish to not give Karan any soft drinks because he already has a bad cold.

Rakhi after scheduling with Daadi & Kareena, announces that she’ll be having Preeta’s wedding reception & muh-dikhai that in the evening.

Mahira is stunned by this information of the reception & rules to ruin the ceremony. Sherlyn is suspicious regarding Mahira’s schedules.

Sammy calls up Srishti & informs her regarding Preeta’s reception. Srishti is happy to hear this & is excited to be in the party that in the evening.

Srishti is sad when she’s informed that the Luthras haven’t invited Preeta’s family (4) in all. Sarla tries to convenience her however fails.

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