Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 21 January 2021 Written Episode, Read Today’s (21-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Upcoming Story Spoiler Twist:

Karina says to Srishti and Preetha, I well understood the intention of your both sisters actually, this happens Srishti! you like Akshay & you fall in love so you told this matter to your sister (Preetha) and your sister thought to break the marriage of  Akshay and Kritika.

Preetha replies to Karina, truly Akshay is not a good guy, not only for my sister but also for your daughter too. In the next scene, Preetha says to Akshay whatever you want to do to save your character, you should do but I should show out your character in front of all family members.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2021 Daily Serial Starts With Akshay’s mother says the way she’s sufficient since she believed it is the thing of these kids however she wouldn’t stay silent.

Because Sarla has ever arrived and scolded her child that she can’t accept, Sarla clarifies how she is only attempting to clarify how her kid isn’t of such low character and could not do anything.

Akshay clarifies how Shrishti has contested his personality and if he’s marrying Kritika she’d come near him and has hugged him in people, he understands it is a frequent practice nevertheless she came quite close for him.

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Also said Hi to him that he hasn’t responded, Shrishti instantly attempts to explain she said Hello to him since he stated he would send the invitation card and also hugged him it wasn’t the situation.

Karina won’t hear anything stating how she knows what they have attempted to undermine the terms of Kritika because Shrishti had begun to enjoy Akshay and she understands that Preeta has ever tricked them since she married Karan with him. Preeta clarifies that Karina is incorrect.

Because Akshay isn’t an honest individual and it’s only not for Shristhi but additionally for Kritika, Karan asks Karina to wait patiently and let everybody go and they’d speak, Rakhi also states that Karan and Preeta are speaking the facts because the thing is all about Kritika and Akshay and now she’s making the conversation about somebody else.

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Karina claims that she ought to convey something to Preeta where Dadi additionally says that she’s considering Karina and believes Preeta attempted to violate the connection of Kritika along with Akshay since she has wanted to have Shristhi wed to Akshay.

Sarla pleads with Dadi not to say exactly the exact identical thing since she’s the older of the house, and it has understood both her brothers to get a great deal time and understands they cannot do anything of this kind because she hasn’t raised them together with such personality.

Kritika gets angry pleading with them to quit speaking because their voice have induced pain for her since she understands Preeta and Akshay. Dadi asks her not to state such as Shristhi herself approved she hugged Akshay, Sarla inquires how do their thinking be low as their families are united ahead along with her daughter is their daughter even then they’re questioning them.

They’ve chosen to think Akshay’s household over her and when somebody hugs someone else does this imply that she wants to marry that individual, Sarla asks them to state if they believe the exact same then she’d accept it’s the mistake of her son. Preeta enters the home once the guests are questioning her stating how they wouldn’t have witnessed this type of the wrong action.

Akshay comes mentioning the way he’s thankful that they’ve trusted him because when they’d have thought the accusations from his personality then it might have destroyed his lifetime he explains how he’s thankful to the woman who talked the truth even if Preeta bribed her she managed to rescue his standing.

Akshay states he would finally leave then believes that when she attempted to show his reality she wasn’t able to and today was ashamed, Akshay ends to depart if Karina stops him and he believes everything is going as planned. Karina comes to Akshay stating how she believes he’s her child; she ends up to Rakhi describing how she cautioned Preeta not to do anything wrong in some of their role and when she’s made an error then if even apologize, Dadi additionally asks her to apologize, even Karina scolds Preeta ordering her apologize.

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