Kundali Bhagya 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 22 January 2021 Written Episode, Read Today’s (22-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Upcoming Story Spoiler Twist:

Kritika requests Preetha, whatever happened, please forget that one, see everybody forgives you so, please you also forget this for me.

On the other end, Preetha asks Karan are you also get annoyed with me? Karan replies to Preetha, tell me one thing if you are in my place then what will you do? Are you also get annoyed with me? I’m not get annoyed with you actually I get disappointed.

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Karina asks Preeta to confer with Akshay nevertheless she exclaims the way she watched him with her eyes, Akshay clarifies how there isn’t any need since the Luthra household has given him a lot of love and when she can offer him anything afterward should only give him a few of her hope while she must even ask her sister to think about him because he only wants to wed Kritika, Akshay’s mum also comes stating she doesnot have some erroneous feelings for Preeta because she’s like her kid also does she too think there is a misunderstanding about Akshay.

Kritika arrives to Preeta, she afterwards hugging her pleads the way she needs to forget everything that’s happened since it would just cause problems and with time, so she’d know that anything she’s done shouldn’t have happened,  then they leave and the total Luthra family leaves Preeta, Sameer is likewise unable to fulfill Preeta due to the anxiety of Karina which concerns Preeta because she doesnot know exactly what to do.

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Karan falls off Sarla along with the household, he requests Janki to look after the two Sarla and Shristhi since they are psychological and want care, Shristhi thanks Karan for expecting her if he mentions he would always trust , Sarla additionally asks Karan to constantly be in the aspect of Preeta if he states that if she’s right then he’d forever in her side, Karan gets from their vehicle wondering why Preeta constantly won’t follow his words since he doesnot feel appropriate when anybody scolds her.

Preeta believes how Karan could be very mad because she didn’t hear his words he would be very mad.

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Rakhi is speaking about Mahesh describing how he was unable to take action to protect the honor of Preeta when everybody was telling her, and she describes how she believes that Preeta can’t be incorrect as she’s a nice and honest personality and never requires any measure against a individual so wouldn’t be in fault, even Preeta enters the room and hears that the whole conversation yet Rakhi doesnot understand that she’s standing behind herPreeta is unable to keep her words accordingly puts her hands on her shoulder.

Rakhi stands explaining how she had been speaking about her Mahesh papashe examines how Preeta knows that she together with her Mahesh Papa and the full family adore her then Karina scolded her facing everybody nevertheless she was unable to stand against Karina along with Dadi for which she’s apologizing for not having the ability to do anything because she believed that her head had become excruciating.

Rakhi clarifies how she believes Preeta is confused about Akshay since his connection with Kritika was organized well before time why could he do this act because she believes there isn’t anything wrong with himRakhi subsequently mentions how she understands that when Preeta is looking to the issue then there’s something incorrect that an she would also have done the exact identical thing yet as a mom would like to counsel her to constantly be mindful prior to making a choice rather than rush into thing as she doesnot need that Preeta be enticed for a crime that she didn’t commit.

Shristhi is sitting at the home, Janki attracts milk to her if Sarla arrives to sit , Shrishti clarifies how she’s believing that Akshay talked lies in her and everybody in the Luthra family thought his liesshe inquires when a hug of a woman usually means that the woman loves the boy that’s not the situation, she begins screaming when Sarla awakens her describing how she understands exactly what Shrishti is capable of and she Is her powerful daughter so shouldn’t worry because even when the whole world is against her then she’d be together with her.

Sarla cites how she’s concerned because Shristhi is using her at her home nevertheless Preeta is residing from the Luthra home and needs to fulfil all of the connections that’s the reason precisely exactly why she’s concerned because when she’s once again not reliable because of everything she’s completed then it might create a good deal of problems since their connection for a husband and wife was repaired with these kinds of hurdles but if she’s once more misunderstood due to exactly what happens then it might create a good deal of problems, Shristhi inquires why’s she’s thinking like that, Sarla exclaims how she’s compelled to when Karan promised her with these love but she’s concerned, she subsequently prays for the two karan and Preeta subsequently inquires Shristhi to drink the milk.

Preeta is adjusting the mattress after Karan comes, she asks him why it took too late and that he also describes how it was due to the visitors when Preeta asks when he’s upset with her to that Karan answers he is not angry yet disappointed .
Shrishti is screaming in her room considering the attribute which Akshay put on her nevertheless she then receives a phone from Sameer, describing how she wanted to converse with him he requests her to start the window afterward if he comes she instantly hugs himhe asks what’s wrong and why is she’s crying since all of them know she isn’t capable of this kind of act to that Shristhi clarifies she doesnot care what everybody thinks of her if her family is aware of what she’s capable of she is not stressed.

Shristhi clarifies how she’s really mad ring the thing is now private because Akshay has contested her personality that she cannot endure so today would struggle and hunt for its proof against him until the time which she can assemble good proof . Sameer also promises to stay together with her afterward they call Preeta inquiring what she’s doing in the early hours, Preeta exclaims the way she’d collect proof against Akshay because he’s targeted her sister that she cannot endure, she farther exclaims how she’d be mindful regarding the extent it doesnot cause problems in her connection with Karan and the Luthra household.

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