Kundali Bhagya 24 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Mahira Reveals Her Plan To Replace Preeta

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta & Karan are preparing for the wedding reception. Karan helps Preeta pick a sari awhile she helps him put cufflinks on his own shirt. Karan is surprised that he & Preeta are already behaving like spouse & spouse even although he’s supposed to hate her. Mahira calls up Prithvi & states that she could support him gain Preeta before it’s too late. Mahira makes one such waitresses give Preeta a bottle of water blended with some of the drug to make Preeta dizzy.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Rishabh tries to inquire Sherlyn why she lied to Karan regarding their own relationship. Sherlyn distracts Rishabh informing she wants to gain romantic with him.

Prithvi’s brother, Pawan, repatriates house after his own business abroad failed. He locates out that Prithvi is depressed because Preeta broke his own heart.

Pawan goes to talk to Prithvi, when he sees a call from Mahira. He agrees to her schedule of kidnapping Preeta before the wedding reception.

Rakhi informs Preeta to ensure that there is no drama ahead of the guests during this wedding reception & everybody must look happy.

Before the guests arrive Mahira’s mom, Ramona, rules to leave the home. Rakhi persuades her to stay until the wedding reception.

Mahira goes to Preeta’s room dressed exactly like her & states that she’s going to take (2) her place in the party ahead of all this guests.

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