Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rakhi asks Preeta to leave the house

The daily episode starts with Kareena scolds Preeta for accessing Mahesh’s room & drags her outdoor. Mahira states Sherlyn trying to murder her because her schedule flopped today.

Sherlyn states Mahira never understood her & states they’d to accomplish this drama to make remaining really know regarding Mahira’s worth. She states in case Mahira wants to throw Preeta out of the home & wants to stay in luthra home as Karan’s spouse afterwards she’d to accomplish this drama.

She requests Mahira to threaten luthra’s that in case they doesn’t throws Preeta out afterwards she’ll attempt suicide ahead of them.

Mahira states Sherlyn must have clarified this before. Sherlyn states Mahira didn’t let her say anything. Kareena orders Preeta to leave the home informing they don’t want her. Mahira comes there with kerosene & states in case luthra’s doesn’t throws Preeta out of the home afterwards she’ll attempt suicide. Everybody shocks hearing her. Ramona requests Preeta to not go near Mahira.

Sristy states Mahira doing acting she won’t attempt suicide. Mahira states she doesn’t care regarding what Sristy imagines & splashes the kerosene on her body & it turns out to be Mahira’s dream. Mahira informs Sherlyn she won’t accomplish anything like that informing it’s too dangerous for her personal life. Sherlyn states she knows luthra’s, they’ll block her for sure.

Mahira states in case she suspended afterwards they’ll know she has been acting so she could’t take (2) that risk. Sherlyn states in case she wants to stay in luthra home afterwards she’s to accomplish this drama. Mahira runs from there.

Ramona states she won’t let Preeta stay within the home for a 2nd too. Rakhi stops her from going inside. Dadi has been regarding to faint due to the pressure. Rishab imparts water to her & requests her to calm down. Kareena comes there with Preeta. Preeta gets worried seeing Dadi like that. Dadi requests her to stay far from her. Ramona requests from where kerosene smell coming.

Shelyn states it’s coming from Mahira informing she attempted to attempt suicide. Ramona states sufficient of Preeta’s drama & requests her to leave the home. She states due to Preeta today Mahira taken this much big call.

Preeta requests Ramona to leave her hand & states nothing going to happen to Mahira because she’s just doing drama. She states Mahira loves her personal life so much, she may try to murder remaining however won’t attempt suicide so she & Sherlyn cunning. She states only luthra’s could scold her for marrying Karan like this not Ramona. Kareena requests why Preeta isn’t leaving the home.

Preeta requests Rakhi to tell her call & she’ll accept it. Dadi states Preeta is so lying that’s why requesting Rakhi because she knows Rakhi is so kind hearted & taking advantage of that. She states Rakhi alone could’t take (2) this call & whole luthra’s doesn’t need her to stay in luthra home so she’s to leave.

Rakhi states Karan is her son, she loves him so much & understands him too. She states she gave birth to him so she’s extra rights on him than anybody else. She states everybody has to accept her call.

Karan recalls Rishab’s marriage & Mahesh’s crash & stares Rakhi. Rakhi requests Preeta to leave the home & leaves from there. Kareena throws Preeta out of the home. Sristy goes to Preeta to support her. Preeta forwards her hand towards Karan, he too does the same however thereafter drops his own hand. Preeta cries seeing that.

Rishab opposes Rakhi’s call & states it’s unfair to Preeta. Rakhi states Preeta trusted her & stated she’ll accept her call & she stated what she felt right. She states Preeta breaked her trust today.

She habituated to imagined Preeta won’t deceive anybody however Rishab too saw what she did today that’s why she taken this call. She states she taken the right call in case Mahesh has been here afterwards he’d have taken the same call.

She supported Preeta when she has been right however this time she’s unfair so she could’t help her. She states that day Karan has been unfair & today Preeta is unfair. She states she taken this call after thinking a lot.

Rishab states her call is unfair. She states she doesn’t need to talk in this issue & leaves from there. Rishab wonders suddenly what happened to Rakhi.

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