Kundali Bhagya 28th September 2020 Written Update: Mahira goes to…

In the today’s daily series of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira goes to Preeta’s place awhile she’s preparing for the reception. Preeta is stunned to watch Mahira wearing the same sari like her.

Mahira discloses her schedule to gain Preeta kidnapped & take (2) her place in the wedding reception. Preeta’s family (4) arrives in the Luthra Home & Rakhi appreciates them however Kareena tries to offend them.

Pawan, Prithvi’s brother, approaches the Luthra Home with a schedule to kidnap Preeta. Mahira knocks Preeta senseless with a cricket stump when she tries to flee from that room.

Upcoming Twist: Mahira hits Preeta on the head creating her senseless. She sees the injury on Preeta’s head & goes to ensure that Preeta is not passed away.

Janki rushes to Pawan in the reception. In spite of hiding his own face with a hat & fraud beard, Janki realizes that he’s linked to Prithvi.

Pawan gets angry in Mahira for hurting Preeta’s forehead. He informs her that is crazier that Prithvi & he’ll not forgive her the next time.

Karan imagines it’ll be funny to punish Preeta by creating her meet & spend time with all of his own annoying relatives & goes to his own room

Pawan imagines that Karan is the real enemy who stole Preeta from Prithvi. Mahira is scared when Pawan warns to murder Karan too.

Karan arrives the room & imagines Preeta is wearing a ghungat again. He gets doubtful when she rejects to talk (or) argue with him.

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