Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2024 Written Update: Mahira & Karan Goes To Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Kundali Bhagya (29-09-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2024 Daily Serial Starts With…

The daily episode begins Karan holding Mahira’s hand. He states everybody is awaiting down, they want to leave.

Preeta’s kidnapper has been irked & wonders just how he should grab her. He states he’s Ravan & had come for Seeta, he should kidnap Seeta as is rightful.

Sameer holds and brings Shrishti to the corridor. She requests to tell an important thing that he needs to talk regarding. Sameer states he wants to hear something. Shrishti turns far away wondering in case he needs something.

Sameer recalls Shrishti he took a massive task by sending Karan to his own room for the wedding night. She must atleast compliment him. Shrishti states she already welcomed him. She looks about wondering what she should say.

She states he’s finest, personal life’s 1 day test, clever along with over clever, naughty however shorty.

She couldn’t as well have finished what he did. Sameer imparts her great information that Ramuna is leaving tomorrow & maybe Mahira also follows her. Shrishti has been excited & states I love… Kritika hears from the backside of a curtain.

She comes there & sends Sameer far away. Shrishti speaks to Kritika however Kritika has been annoyed. She informs Shrishti that whatever Preeta is doing, is not good.

Karan takes Mahira within the veil. He comments that her hands turn the colour as herself. She pulls her hand far away. Karan states he doesn’t care in all. A vase falls from his own hand. He places it on the stand again.

The kidnapper carries Preeta on his own shoulder. She wakes up, picks up the same vase & hits him on his own head. He drops Preeta. Karan hears the sound. Preeta hits the kidnapper again with the vase on his own leg. He screams. Karan turns about.

Shrishti has been passing by this corridor & ignores Sherlin. Sherlin gets a memory flashback in that Shrishti recalls her last night confrontation with Sherlin. Sherlin tries to push Shrishti from behind however Shrishti her in time.

Shrishti threatens Sherlin that she saved Sherlin from slipping off because she’s her sister’s sister in law, however she’d never protected her again. She taunts that no issue what Sherlin stated, today Preeta is now in the home as the daughter-in-law.

Their own family (4) attempted that Rishab doesn’t marry Sherlin, they have been unsuccessful however as of now Preeta going to bring the reality to the whole family (4). & as of now, despite Sherlin’s attempts Preeta wedded Karan twice.

She enjoyed intimidating Sherlin as she always does. Preeta had come to this home only to unveil Sherlin & Mahira’s true face. Preeta as of now got (1) the right of a daughter-in-law.

Karan suspects someone has been present on the different side of the corridor & runs there. Mahira deletes the shawl & wonders why she had come to the corridor so shortly.

The kidnapper had dragged Preeta behind awhile Karan runs there. Mahira comes to conceal the broken vase.

Sherlin continues her intimidation that Preeta going to as of now be here within the home for 24/7. Sherlin has been silent. She states Preeta got a big heart. In case Sherlin apologizes, Preeta might forgive her as well.

Sherlin looked tensed. Shrishti clicks a photo of Sherlin informing she doesn’t gain to watch such face of Sherlin. She turns to leave. Sherlin problems Shrishti as Preeta should leave the home shortly, with all these rights. Sherlin confronts that Shrishti won’t spare Sherlin easily, in case Sherlin even tries to wound Preeta.

Karan stood outdoor at the door of the room. Inside, Preeta’s mouth has been stuffed with a cloth piece. Karan states he’d heard a voice however maybe it has been a suspicion.

He requests Mahira in case she heard the voice, however, Mahira moves her head in denial from within the veil. The leave the corridor. The kidnapper affirms in case they’d gone. He covers Preeta in a sheet & carries her out.

Janki speaks to a waiter that she’s here to support the bride. She notices the kidnapper carrying the sheet. She rules that this person doesn’t seem to be well, she should go & see where he goes.

Rano aunty arrives at the hall & looks for the family (4). Karan informs her that this is the lady who calls herself as his own bride, she’s troublesome. Someone calls Karan. Mahira has been glad that he didn’t present her as his own bride.

Karan leaves the side. Mahira deletes the veil, thinking Rano doesn’t recognize her. Rano wasn’t happy to watch her, as she didn’t compare with Karan’s personality. She questions her name.

She states Mahira. Rano aunty states Rishab informed her it has been Preeta. Mahira makes up that her official name is Mahira, however, everybody calls her Preeta.

Rano has been unhappy as this name Preeta doesn’t suit her. Mahira has been intrigued & argues with Rano. Rano creates a controversy & goes to call Karan for complain.

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