Kundali Bhagya 2nd September 2023 Episode Written Update: Karan agrees to marry Mahira

The daily episode starts with Sarla states Preeta always went to protect Luthra’s going over her & even put her own personal life in danger afterwards just how she left from there without fighting.

She states she could’t break Preeta’s marriage because she loves that family (4) so much & could battle against anybody for them afterwards what happened today that she left from there.

She states as of now Preeta is Karan’s spouse afterwards Mahira & Sherlyn have no rights to throw her out of the home.

She states she’ll never forgive Karan for what he did with her daughter however when she wedded him for Mahesh afterwards why she had come back.

Prithvi recalls Sarla’s slap & just how she throw him out of the home & curses her. Furious Prithvi rules to take (2) revenge on her for that slap.

Sarla requests why Preeta didn’t fight for her rights & states when she could’t fight for herself afterwards just how could she fight for remaining.

She requests Preeta to speak for herself 1st afterwards only she could speak for remaining. She imparts her blessing to Preeta & states this war won’t be easy for her.

She states she’s with her in this fight & states she believes that Preeta could battle against them. Preeta states when Sarla is with her afterwards she could accomplish anything.

She rules to not cry anymore & not tolerate remaining taunts too. She states she’ll go to Luthra home to fight & she knows it won’t be easy for her still she’ll fight for her rights. She states Sarla going to be proud of her daughter because she’s not weak.

In Luthra home, Karan recalls today’s incidents & just how Preeta awaited his own help.

He states he won’t forgive her ever & states she wish to becomes his own spouse however he won’t let her wish fulfil. Dadi states Ramona needn’t to worry.

Mahira is her daughter-in-law. Ramona states Rakhi & Karan has to agree for this marriage afterwards only it’ll happen.

Kareena states no 1 acknowledges that fraud marriage so Ramona needn’t to worry regarding anything. She reports Rakhi regarding Karan & Mahira’s marriage. Dadi states she inquired Krithika to bring Karan so they could debate regarding marriage.

Mahira informs Karan regarding Dadi’s call & requests is he okay with it. Rishab requests Karan that why he’s looking in him in place of answering Mahira. Karan agrees to marry Mahira.

Janki shocks seeing drunken Prithvi in her home. She requests him that why he had come back like a shameless person. Sarla states Prithvi is not in his own sense & requests him to return thereafter in case he wants to talk anything afterwards.

He requests what unfair he did. He states he’s actually a great person & Sarla habituated to like him & selected him for her daughter. He states she did nothing when his own marriage got (1) postponed due to that Karan luthra.

Karan requests Preeta that why she had come to his own home as of now. That time quite a few ladies comes there. Luthra’s gets confused seeing them there. Karan requests who’re they. One such lady states they’re coming from ngo.
Preeta states they fights for ladies’s rights & she’s here to take (2) her rights as his own spouse & Luthra’s daughter-in-law.

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