Kundali Bhagya 31st December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 31 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (31-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 31st December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Shristhi calls Sherlin informing that she desired to talk with her however rather has to reply to her query because she mentioned that Shrishti is not clever.

However, instead she’s extra stupid afterwards what she’s because when she gave Preeta the tablet to see the video footage call she left it there & her sister has been able to call the police with it.

Preeta gratitude her clarifying just how without her support she’d not were able to accomplish anything, they both afterwards leave her. Prithvi is now in his own bed when someone is calling him.

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He sits to watch that it’s Sherlin & he wonders what she may have to say afterwards imagines that she might be calling to tell the info of Preeta & Karan, he answers the call requesting what has happened when Sherlin threatens him to never say anything from his own black tongue, prithvi is unable to know afterwards begins laughing informing that it actually happened.

As he alerted her to not be so overconfident as Preeta is actually clever & she shouldn’t celebrate before she actually wins, Sherlin although stops him afterwards Prithvi exclaims just how she mustn’t notify him that Karan & Preeta are together as afterwards he’d break the mobile & she’d not be able to talk with him, Prithvi states that when he attempted to notify her she has been getting jealous & denied to listen to his own caveat.

Sherlin requests why is he yelling in her in that prithvi references that it’s because he’s frustrated afterwards Sherlin clarifies that karan & Preeta have been unable to celebrate their own honeymoon. Prithvi gets joyed afterwards hearing this he requests her to sleep as he’d block speaking from his own black tongue.

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Prithvi ends the call afterwards imagines of informing from his own own mouth & exclaims just how Preeta loves him a lot, he afterwards remembers just how she stated that she wasn’t meant for him as god desired that she be wedded to Karan, he afterwards begins yelling. Sherlin is awaiting anxiously for Karina.

She comes from behind informing that she imagined they both have been clever although Preeta has been even smarter than her & this is because Mahira is as of now in jail, Ramona also comes informing that she wasn’t even able to sleep after seeing the information & from afterwards she’s unable to sleep, Karina’s lawyer also comes & they’re able to gain the bail of Mahira.

When she comes out Mahira immediately hugs Ramona who requests what has happened & she shouldn’t accomplish such things because they’ve landed her in jail, Ramona vows to make the inspector pay & rules to call her spouse although both Sherlin & Mahira block her informing that they both would gain in a plenty of problem, Mahira clarifies just how she drugged Karan that angers Ramona even extra.

Karina stops her informing that it’s not the right place & they must go return to the home, Mahira is not prepared to face the media & requests in case they’re outdoor, afterwards Sherlin imparts her the jacket because she shouldn’t be able to come within the media. Karan wakes up when Shrishti tries to scare him, she questions what did he accomplish with Preeta because she’s sitting within the lounge crying her heart out.

She didn’t expect this from her, Karan gets stunned pleading his own innocence informing just how he didn’t accomplish anything although Shrishti makes him believe that Preeta is crying due to what he did, Karan remembers that Mahira had come into his own room although Shrishti deletes the idea.

Karan runs to Preeta & when he leaves Sameer queries regarding what she stated to him, Shrishti clarifies just how they’d be able to enjoy the moment. Karan rushes to Preeta who’s wiping off her tears & rubbing her nose, Karan sits beside her apologizing for what has happened, Preeta questions what’s he informing when suddenly Shrishti & Sameer come, she requests Preeta to let Karan apologize in case he wants to.

Karan clarifies just how he reached her without her consent within the night & that it’s unfair so he shouldn’t have finished it, Preeta stops him to see in case he’s a fever afterwards requests why is he informing things ,like this, Karan again apologizes that leaves Preeta startled who requests why is he speaking so negatively because she knows he’d never accomplish anything without he consent.

She’s aware of his own actions so who made him think like this, Karan looks towards Sameer & Shristhi, Sameer immediately points towards Shrishti who operates after exclaiming just how she made a fool of him. Karan & Preeta both run to teach them both a lesson, Karan stops Preeta from hitting Shristhi exclaiming just how no 1 could wound his own sister-in-law.

Preeta turns to him requesting what he means, they both watch just how close Shristhi & Sameer are afterwards Shristhi apologizes for ruining their own moment & afterwards Preeta hits Shristhi, she clarifies just how she’s named a cab & they’ll leave the place because she can’t stay her for any extra time, Karan requests what has happened as he can’t remember regarding what happened the last night.

Preeta references just how it’s a big post & she’d tell him regarding everything on their own way. The reporter clarify just how they’d notify the globe regarding a breaking information, Mahira comes & they begin requesting her queries regarding the busines she’s in & in case she’s a professional. Karina begins yelling in them.

Shrishti & Sameer come outdoor to watch the receptionist awaiting for Karan, she exclaims just how she was awaiting for Karan for the last 2 hours worrying that he might leave & she’d not gain a opportunity to meet Karan afterwards both they clarify that he’s coming, Karan comes & he immediately rushes to him informing that he must accept the flowers.

Karan hesitantly takes them & even doesnot move when she hugs him, Preeta with Shristhi & Sameer are unable to accomplish anything so just stand there, she rushes return to the resort. Karan requests Preeta for the car keys, she clarifies that he’d not be driving as she’s named a driver, Sameer exclaims that he must sit back within the car as they both would also be with them within the different car.

It’s nothing to worry regarding, they all gain within the cars & set off for the home. Karan sits within the car, he queries Preeta on why did she let him take the flowers as she must have gotten jealous, Preeta exclaims that this is the reason because she has been his own fan & had a crush on him although he only looks in her as a fan, Karan exclaims that he might gain in an relationship with her so what would she accomplish afterwards, Preeta responds just how he’s mentioned that he’s wedded his own craziest fan so in case he does anything afterwards she’d tear of the face, Karan gets scared requesting in case she’d tear of his own face although Preeta states that she’d tear off the face of the lady.

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Ongoing Updates: 31st December 2024 / (31-12-2020)

First episode date: 12 July 2017
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 766
Directed by: Ekta Kapoor’, Balaji Telefilms
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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