Kundali Bhagya 5th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 5 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (5-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 5th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Mahira casts her evil shadow.

Karan informs Kareena that Rakhi is feeling best as of now, Rishabh going to bring her house shortly. He takes Mahira house with him.

Kritika feels something is unfair with Mahira. Sameer & Shrishti gain to really know regarding Mahira’s drama. Shrishti meets the doctor & enquires regarding Mahira.

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The doctor informs that Mahira is okay as of now, she isn’t crucial, Mahira has performed to attempt suicide just to gain entire family’s attention, like she desires to achieve something.

She informs them that Mahira hadn’t cut her nerve deep. Sameer also believes that Mahira did everything to back to Luthra home. Mahira gets a place in Luthra home. Sherlyn requests her to come in. Mahira desires a welcome within the entire family.

She informs Sherlyn that she has been offended & expelled from that entire family. She informs that she doesn’t need to return till the entire family imparts her respect. She reminds Rakhi that she’d offended her badly. She apologizes to them.

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She doesn’t need to listen to Bani (or) anybody else. She informs that she could’t forget her offend. She tries to gain their own sympathy. She believes that she’s married to Karan. She desires them to accept her as Karan’s spouse.

Meantime, Karan gratitude Preeta for supporting him. He reports her that Mahira is okay & he got her house. Preeta didn’t really know that Mahira has come house. She recalls Janki’s words. She opposes Mahira’s stay in their own home.

Karan informs her that they must help Mahira. She requests in case Mahira won’t go anywhere. Rakhi comes up with an apology. Kareena requests Rakhi to welcome Mahira house with all this rituals.

Rakhi doesn’t like it. She goes far away with Bani. Kareena doesn’t think Mahira is unfair. Sherlyn didn’t think Mahira going to give such a shock to Luthras. She knows Mahira loves Karan & hates Preeta. She desires to help Mahira.

Who could support her in taking avenge on Preeta. She loves Mahira’s dramatic entry. She devises for Mahira’s grahpravesh. Mahira desires to separate Karan & Preeta. Karan informs Preeta that Mahira has got saved by difficulty, she got abandoned by Ramona.

She’s no place to go. She requests him to send Mahira to Ramona, who’ll be much glad to have her daughter back. Karan is grateful to Mahira who kept her friendship & didn’t send him to jail. He doesn’t need to inquire Mahira to leave.

Preeta informs him that he must unite Ramona & Mahira. He doesn’t think its the right time. He requests Preeta not to create any problems. Preeta informs that he all the time argues due to Mahira. He requests her not to accuse Mahira.

She calls Mahira a big issue. Mahira didn’t gain Karan detained so that he imparts her the other opportunity. She’s happy to make her place. She desires Karan to fight on her behalf. She knows Karan & Preeta have initiated fighting.

Preeta informs Karan that Mahira had committed suicide, she isn’t mentally fit, she’s obsessed with him, he’ll give her false hopes & Mahira going to drag him into issues. She doesn’t need him to invite problems in their own wedded personal life.

Karan desires her to know him. Preeta requests Karan to send back Mahira else a big storm going to harm their own entire family. Mahira actually desires to bring a storm within the entire family. Sarla wishes Preeta stays happy.

Mahira desires to ruin the entire family with Preeta. Karan & Preeta land into a problem. Sherlyn faces a bad omen. Sanjana reports Sherlyn regarding the pandit’s caveat. She informs that she’s worried for her daughter. Sherlyn doesn’t listen to her.

Sanjana requests her to be careful, from the night going to be dangerous for the entire family. She informs that she shouldn’t permit anybody inside the entire family, else there going to be just destruction. She alerts Sherlyn.

Sherlyn gets worried knowing Mahira is going to enter the home. Mahira desires to cast her evil shadow on Preeta. She awaits in the door for Sherlyn & Kareena to welcome her. She aims to snatch Preeta’s sindoor.

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