Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 7 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (7-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Upcoming Story Spoiler Twist:

Karan says to Preeta if I ask you to go to your mom’s home then you will have to tell me that I want to stay here with you.

Karan says further, Preeta, I can’t say clearly better than this I really miss you.

On the other hand, Sherlyn and Mahira both argue with each other, Sherlyn says to Mahira, if anyone knows that there is poison in Preeta’s stomach then surely all will blame you because you hate Preeta so much.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Preeta is unable to sleep, she awhile cunning on the bed takes out a ring & remembers just how her dad made her assure that she’d meet her mom.

Preeta imagines that she all the time remembers with the ring that he gave to her, she imagines that Mahesh is now in a coma & she tries to take a plenty of care however is unable to because.

He’s a plenty of enemies in this home, she imagines just how her mom has been locked in jail when she’s suffering for the fight between herself & Mahira, Preeta begins to cry & Karan hearing her cries wakes up, he lights the room & stands beside her.

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She realises that he’s standing so sits up, karan questions what has happened, Preeta references that she’s actually remembering her dad & mom is worried regarding just how she’d were detained. Karan advises that she must talk with Sherlin to take back the complaint however Preeta rejects afterwards Karan references that they’ll meet her mom, Preeta requests in case they’d just as of now in that karan agrees.

She goes to wash her face afterwards turns to hug him before leaving. Sherlin references that no human can gain bail in case they’re charged with killing, Mahira questions just how would they’ve well-known who intoxicated her, Sherlin references that in case they identified poison afterwards she’d be blamed, she references that the entire family loves her a lot.

Sherlin clarifies that Rakhi didn’t accept their own marriage however as of now has agreed her & is the 1 to protect her in each complaint, She clarifies just how Mahira sent the sweet blended with poison to Preeta with Rakhi & when the doctor would test the sweet, they’d come to really know who has been the 1 behind it as Rakhi would never wound her daughter In law & they really know she doesnot like Preeta.

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Sherlin clarifies just how she’d be the 1 to go to jail that makes Mahira realize & she exclaims that she doesnot need to go to jail,. Sherlin requests her to consult with her before creating any schedule. Karan is driving the car awhile taking Preeta to Sarla’s home he looks in Preeta who’s actually happy although he imagines that why is he not feeling the same.

Preeta requests what’s worrying him so much, they approach the home & she gets off, karan references that when he must be glad that she’s as of now residing with her mom & he’d gain the whole bed & all this necessities for himself however he knows she’d not be on the couch & Perhaps it si something although is unable to say anything, Preeta begins walking towards the home.

He takes her hand, stopping her from behind, he states that whenever within the future he requests her to go & stay in her mothers home, she must refuse it because he can’t say it clearly that he’d miss her, going to she also miss him, Preeta references that she doesnot really know it clearly.
Preeta requests him to come.

Stay with her in their own mom’s home Karan in 1st agrees however afterwards rejects mentioning that in case he comes with her afterwards they’d all begin taking care off her that he doesnot need as it’s the night when she must be with her mom, he’s unable to leave afterwards finally moves to the car & sits even when he doesnot need to, he finally leaves her standing ahead of the home.

Karan imagines that he’s feeling actually bad that he’s leaving her like this, he waves her 1 last time before she turns to walk towards her mothers home & he drives off. Ramona exclaims that she knows what happened has been unfair however Sherlin performed within the right way, Mahira references that she has been angry with her & couldn’t curb herself.

Ramona references that when they’re angry afterwards they’re unable to curb their own actions, she clarifies that Sherlin is actually clever & also has a actually sharp mind & above all of that she doesnot really know just how to loose & no issue what happens she must never break her friendship with Sherlin as she’d lose everything that they’ve performed for with her error as it’s stated that they shouldn’t fight with the crocodile awhile residing within the water.

she orders Mahira to forget regarding Preeta & sleep as in case she’s unwell rested afterwards wouldn’t be able to win the fight, she ends the call. Ramona gets frustrated awhile thinking of Sarla, she exclaims that she’d never forgive Sarla for the embrassment that she caused in the Luthra home & Preeta for the offend within the market, she throws her phone in anger on the table.

Sarla comes to the hall inquiring what has happened with Shrishti & Janki as they both are actually sad & why are they looking so worried, Janki is crying so Sarla requests what has happened & did she say something, Shrishti clarifies that she doesnot have all the time being unfair, Shrishti tries to clarify however Janki stops her.

Shrishti afterwards exclaims that they have been speaking what would happen in case she’s not with them tomorrow, Sarla calls her clarifying that she doesnot all the time scold & also loves her however when they’re together afterwards would be able to fight each status that comes before them as a entire family that is why she’d made a sweet dish just for them all.

She wishes that it’d be best in case Preeta has been with them, Preeta afterwards comes to the door, Sarla seeing her rejects to believe that she’s really come & references the dress that she’s worn, she states to Shrishti that she’s missing Preeta to the extent that is seeing her everywhere, Preeta exclaims that she’s really ahead of her, Preeta hugs Sarla & is actually happy to meet her.

Mahira is unable to sleep & is wondering what her mom informed regarding Sherlin & just how clever she’s, Mahira sits up afterwards imagines that she’d apologize to Sherlin as she has been right & is the only 1 who’d be able to support her. Preeta clarifies that she has been actually missing them so had come to meet them all, Shrishti stops her requesting that Preeta would clarify.

Sarla questions in case she’d a fight with karan & did she come after fighting with the entire family although Preeta rejects everything, They both sit afterwards Preeta once again states that she had come to meet them although Sarla states that she knows her because she’s given her birth & that she had come because she’s worried & desires to remain with her in case the police come to detain her, Sarla exclaims that they’ve fought a plenty of battles & would also face the overall status with every different, she requests her to 1st eat the sweet dish that she’s made. Preeta awhile crying hugs her Sarla requests her to block.

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