Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 8 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (8-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Upcoming Story Spoiler Twist:

Srishti angrily says to Sarala, mom I actually want to give poison laddu’s to Mahira and Sherlyn.

Preeta says keep quiet, In fact, I didn’t eat these laddus. Srishti shockingly asks what! and says that means you have eaten other laddus but which laddu’s you have eaten. And everybody thinking about it.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Preeta praises the sweet dish that Sarla made. Sristy states Sarla deliberately made Preeta’s favourite sweet dish.

Sarla states she felt Preeta may come today to meet her so she imagined to develop her favourite sweet dish & states she feels great to watch them together. Preeta states she lost her so much & hugs her.

Sarla imagines seems like today can be the last day she could spend time with her daughters & cries. Preeta wipes her tears. Sarla states what going to happen to them in case she goes to jail. Preeta states she won’t let anything happen to her & consoles her. Sristy slept already. Sarla informs Preeta to take care of Sristy in case she goes to jail.

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Next day, Rakhi wakes Karan & requests regarding Preeta. He states she doesn’t care regarding him in all & requesting regarding her daughter-in-law. She states she knows that he’s teasing her. He states Preeta lost her mom & has been crying y’day so he dropped her in Arora home & going to go to pick her thereafter. She states Preeta is great daughter, daughter-in-law & spouse however they only misunderstood her previously.

She states she fulfils all this responsibilities as a spouse, daughter-in-law & daughter. He states she never misunderstood her because she all the time stated Preeta is great lady & states he’s hungry. Sherlyn overhears their own discussion & leaves from there. Rakhi gratitude God for clarifying all this misunderstanding Preeta & Karan had between them. Janki searches Preeta,Sristy & gets emotional seeing them with Sarla.

Sarla requests why Janki crying. Preeta requests did Police had come to detain Sarla. Sristy too wakes up. Janki states Police is not here however she got emotional seeing them together like this & states she’s going to eat all those laddus to prove Sherlyn unfair. Sristy stops her. Sarla states she’d have blended some of the expiry things by error.

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Preeta states these laddus doesn’t have poison because Sherlyn,Mahira admitted that they blended poison thereafter so they could’t prove anything even in case Janki eats these laddus. She notices those laddus & states she didn’t ate these laddus in her sargi. Sristy requests in case Preeta didn’t ate the laddus made by Sarla afterwards what she ate y’day. Sarla states she’d have ate the laddus made by Ramona.

Everybody shocks hearing her & they realizes that Sherlyn, Mahira exchanged the laddus & lied to Preeta. Sarla states Ramona blended poison in her laddus to support Mahira to gain Karan. Sristy requests why Sherlyn taken risk when she’s carrying. Preeta states Sherlyn didn’t ate complete laddu & also Doctor has been there to handle her.

Preeta states Sherlyn,Mahira wouldn’t have thrown Sarla’s laddus so she’s going to search them in Luthra home afterwards she’ll call Sristy & they’ll accomplish something to expose them. Thereafter Preeta arrives Luthra home & begins to search laddus in Mahira’s room. She has been regarding to go from there however notices the laddu box that Ramona took & opens it & sees Sarla’s laddus there.Mahira who has been in washroom hears some of the noise & assumes Preeta as Sherlyn & requests her to give towel. Preeta pours something within the towel to blacken Mahira’s face & imparts it to her.

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