Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 8 February 2022 Written Episode, Read Today’s (08-02-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2022 Daily Serial Starts With Karina says how Preeta cannot return until the wedding of Kritika, she requests Preeta to shoot her possessions and visit her moms home.

Preeta pleads with her not to do so since she just wishes to do what’s ideal for Kritika since Akshay isn’t a fantastic man so shouldn’t wed her daughter, Karina asks who she’s to believe for her daughter if she’s still living so can get the job done to get her infant.

Karina cites how she moans with Preeta to never create difficulties in some of their role nevertheless she doesnot listen and it’s due to her Rakhi actually threatened to violate the connection.

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She attested the way she didn’t believed that Rakhi must have inquired because Rakhi additionally is entitled over Kritika as she’s right over Karan that is exactly why she’s ordering Preeta to depart and not come until the union, Dadi also counsels that Preeta must leave nonetheless Preeta attempts to describe how she isn’t making any error.

Sherlin also states Preeta must quit because Karina is ordering her to because she’s the mom of Kritika. Karina asks Sherlin to deliver her possessions as she would need to throw her out of the home. Karina pushes Preeta outside she drops on Karan who assists her requesting that she needs to quit crying as he’s come to herKarina requests him to come indoors as she’d shut the doorway.

Karan asks what she’s doing to that Karina clarifies how they moved into the Mandir where she’s explained how she guesses Akshay as he’s with the other woman in the resort nevertheless when they moved into the space, Akshay was lonely and they didn’t locate any woman even at the bath that’s when his parents arrived and they tried to telephone the connection.

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Sherlin also begins blaming Preeta mentioning the way he needs to realize that when Preeta isn’t in the marriage just then could it occur with no play, Karan turns into Preeta in wrath then chooses her hands pulling her inside, she inquires whether he’s not mad with her, then he requests her to emerge until he changes his mindhe warns Sherlin to additionally notify Karina she shouldn’t make any play.

Karina inquires why is he’s earning the home even when she advised him of her activities, Karan cites how he’d bring her only as she doesnot have the right to violate anybody’s union then no 1 ha the best to throw her out of the home, she asks him to forget who she knows since she’s his spouse and far better half her abuse is his, that he cannot tolerate, he cites how he’d shoot her inside the home then pulls Preeta into the space.

Karan asks Preeta maintains doing these things that cause difficulty because of her, Preeta cites about Kritika nevertheless he states that she needs to quit yelling because he doesnot love when she yells, Preeta exclaims the way she’s informed how great he ishe exclaims that she’s educated him how awful she’s she mentions how she just says it infrequently.

Karan requests Ganesh to possess the automobile parked in the home because he left it out. Karan asks her to find ready however she’s really unhappy when he requests her to rush up as she’s to prepare then is going to depart if Preeta grip his hands, he’s going to say he loves her after inquiring about the afternoon exclaims he would inform her about the valentine’s day.

She then moves to the bath when he wonders exactly what he had been going to express. Preeta comes from the tub and sees that the bags that Ganesh has attracted to the chambers nevertheless Karan compels her to return as everybody is awaiting her, Karan subsequently runs from the area. Kritika arrives to the Mandap if her pals exclaim the way she ought to always restrain her husband since just then will she be in a position to live a very long run, Preeta sees Shristhi along with Sameer comingshe satisfies them and chooses the evidence against Akshay on his hands he while seated thinks about how he’d conquer Preeta because he’ll reunite to Kritika, Preeta is convinced she would have the ability to show the fact of Akshay.

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