Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 1 September 2023: Sherlyn Plans Karan-Mahira’s Wedding Again

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Sarla slaps Prithvi after he speaks ill regarding Preeta. Prithvi tries to influence everybody that he’s right person for Preeta.

Although, Sarla gets angry in him & enforces him to leave. Mahira & Sherlyn offend Preeta & threaten to murder her family (4) too. Srishti locates Preeta in time & takes her far from the Luthra home. Karan’s mom, Rakhi.

cries because she knows Preeta hasn’t finished anything unfair. Although, she’s also upset because Karan is getting depressed & angry. When Preeta approaches house, her mom, Sarla, informs her to gain out of the home & never return.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Preeta tries to influence Sarla that she’d to marry Karan because Sherlyn & Mahira have been scheduling to murder Mahesh after the wedding.

Sarla informs Preeta that she must have finished anything aside from marrying Karan. She takes Preeta by her hand & throws her out of the home.

Prithvi feels offended after being slapped by Sarla & informed her can’t marry Preeta anymore. He rules that Karan taken Preeta from him & schedules to gain revenge.

Srsithi tries to step in between to safeguard Preeta, however Sarla slaps her too. Srishti leaves the home with Preeta because she rejects to leave her alone.

Sherlyn informs Mahira that she’ll gain her wedded to Karan again. Sherlyn speaks to Kareena & Daadi & persuades them to gain Karan & Mahira wedded the quite next day.

Awhile leaving the home, Preeta hears her mom crying & calling her name, Preeta runs back & hugs her mom as they both apologise to every different.

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